About Us

First 5 Shasta is building a pathway to success for young children!  So far, we've invested over $25 million in programs, services and activities that help build the pathway, touching the lives of thousands of Shasta County children ages 0-to-5 and their families. 

Where do we get the money to help get children off to a good start?  Thanks to the wisdom of California voters, Proposition 10 was passed in 1998 and began providing tobacco tax revenues to First 5.  All revenues must be spent to, ultimately, improve child development and school readiness.  First 5 Shasta is in good company - there is a First 5 organization in every county in California.

Partnership - We offer a great big THANK YOU to our MomsEveryday partners: First 5 Butte County, First 5 Glenn County, First 5 Siskiyou, and First 5 Tehama.

We Appreciate Our Featured Experts!

Dianna L. Wagner, M.S. LMFT
Branch Director Children’s Services
Shasta County Health and Human Services Agency

Wendy Dickens
Executive Director
First 5 Shasta

Kelly Doty, MA
Paradise Ridge Family Resource Center

Mike Lindsey
Parent Engagement Coordinator
Northern California Child Development, Inc.

Charmaine Ng, DMD
Rolling Hills Clinic (Corning and Red Bluff)


Q & A

Q: When should parents bring babies in for their first dental exam?

A: Dr. Ng says: Parents want to start oral health care early by taking care of their baby’s gums. Moms also want to be aware and in control of their own oral health – you don’t want to transfer the bacteria that causes dental decay by sharing food and drinks with your baby. I agree with the American Dental Association – the first tooth is the time for baby’s first visit to the dentist, or by 1 year of age (whichever comes first).

Q: What can parents do if they are having a tough time working together as co-parents?

A: Mike says: When you ask a group of parents “Who wants a better life for your child?” every hand in the room goes up. That includes dads. Our families are all in different situations and at different levels of emotional health. Maybe you don’t agree on things, maybe you don’t agree a lot. That will have an effect on your child. But, for all moms and dads, working out a cooperative relationship and taking care in how you communicate, especially in front of your child, is critical and it can be done.

Q: Are there pros and cons to screen time for kids?

A: Kelly says: Babies and young children learn best from people, not technology. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends NO screen time from birth to age two. Baby pretending to talk on your smart phone might seem cute, but there really is no “pro” for very young children playing with devices like smart phones, tablets, computers or watching television. It doesn’t help them learn or build their skills the way talking, reading, playing, and interacting with their parents does.


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