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About Us

Allergy and Asthma Associates of Reno has been serving Northern Nevada and California since 1974. We believe that a physician has one primary responsibility to his/ her patients and that is patient care. We will provide excellent care for your allergies or asthma to the best of our abilities.

WARNING! - Because of insurance and economic hardship, many patients have chosen to stop taking certain medications. You must continue to get advice from your physician and always consult with them BEFORE making medication changes.

Please talk with your asthma doctor before you discontinue using your asthma medications. Click here to talk with Allergy and Asthma Associates about your medication and financial situation.



Information for Moms

Even when the pollen count is high, it's possible to take steps to reduce symptoms of your seasonal allergies.(Full Story)
Patients have asked us about Oral Drops for allergic treatment. Here is what is recommended.

(Full Story)
Dr. Leonard Shapiro and Dr. Boris Lokshin; Board Certified Physicians in the treatment of asthma and allergy. The current pollen air air sample was collected at the border of Urban Reno and Sparks. For the full pollen reportclick here.

(Full Story)
There is a new vaccine that people, ages 11-64 years of age should consider getting. (Full Story)

Allergy and Asthma Associates FAQ

What is an allergy?
An allergy is an abnormal sensitivity to a specific substance such as pollen, dust, or animal hair. Our body's defense system reacts to those substances resulting in itching, sneezing, wheezing, or a rash.

How do you test for allergies?
Prick Testing- is done by placing a drop of allergy extract on the skin, usually the back and pricking the skin through the drop. It is not very painful. Reactions are read in 15-20 minutes and if positive show a significant wheal (hive) and flare (redness) at the location of the prick. Intradermal Testing – In intradermal skin testing a small amount of allergy extract is introduced into the skin, usually the upper arm, using a small hypodermic needle. This is not very painful. The reactions are read in 15-20 minutes using to same reading technique as used in reading the prick test.

How do you treat allergies?
Avoid what you are allergic to, take medication to suppress symptoms and take allergy shot therapy to reduce and eventually remove the allergy symptoms.

What is asthma?
Asthma is a condition which affects the "breathing tubes" of the lungs causing them to become inflamed. This inflammation makes the airways irritable causing them to become too narrow and difficult to breathe.

How do you test for asthma?
Pulmonary Function Test (Spirometry)-This test measures how much air you can blow out of your lungs and how fast the air flows out. You will be asked to take as deep a breath in as you can and then blow the air out as fast as you can until all your air has been forced out from your lungs. You will then take a deep breath in and fill your lung with air as fast as you can. Unless needed to relieve asthma symptoms a bronchodilator e.g. Albuterol or Xopenex should not be taken for 5 hours before test. The test takes 15 minutes. Pulmonary Function Test with a Bronchodilator- A Pulmonary Function Test will be done before and after Albuterol or Xopenex. The test takes 45 minutes. Pulmonary Function Test with Exercise and a Bronchodilator- A Pulmonary Function test will be done before and after an exercise stress test on a treadmill and again after a bronchodilator has been given. The test takes 90 minutes.

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