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The Importance of Being Alone

Sometimes I find my husband and I opt out of doing things together because it’s too much of a hassle to get a sitter, or we don’t want to burden our friends and family. Read More

School is Cool

One day you’re rocking your child to sleep, then the next day they are starting school. Read More

Back to Baby Food

Now that I am back to making baby food for our new baby girl, I’ve been pureeing a lot of fruits and vegetables. Read More

And Then There Were Two

My husband and I contemplated when would be the right time to have a second child. Read More

Healthy and Happy

To watch your child be in pain is the hardest thing for any parent to witness, especially if it is an illness with an uncertain outcome Read More

All By Myself

It’s so hard to get out of the habit of doing everything for your child. Read More

Let’s Go to the Movies!

Some of my favorite memories from my childhood are going to the movies with my mom. Read More

A Question a Day

A friend of mine recently gave me a book that contains 365 questions to ask your child. The questions are simple, such as “If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go?” or “What do you like to do with your friends?”. The idea is to start a conversation with your child. Read More

Yoga for Kids

Yoga creates a non-competitive environment that really lends to a feeling of success in each child. Read More

Friend or Foe?

Even at a young age all friendships and relationships are complex and involve a delicate balance of give and take. Read More

Preschool Time

Our first attempt at preschool was rather traumatizing. There were a few factors that led to the drama, the biggest one being that we only took her once a week. Read More

The More the Merrier

I have always considered myself very fortunate to have both my mother and my in-laws live close by, but not until having a child did I realize how important extended family can be. Read More

Another Year, Another Birthday….How Do I Stop Time?

Well my daughter turned 3 this last week and it was a little upsetting. Of course I want her to grow up, have experiences, live a life that is full and beautiful…but there’s a selfish part of me that wants her to stay exactly as she is. Read More

Big Kid Bed, Big Headache

Of course the natural progression for most toddlers is to go from a crib to a big kid bed. No one ever tells you all the problems that come with this lack of confinement. Read More

Friends at Play

The older my daughter gets, the more she loves having friends to play with. It’s always great when she plays with someone just a little older because they act as a leader on how playtime goes. Read More

It’s Potty Time!

I remember reading an article when I was pregnant that told a glorious tale about a woman who had potty trained her child by 8 months. In my ignorant state I thought to myself “I too will take this path and have a potty-trained child before age 1.” Read More

Dancing Queen

I recently put my daughter in a dance class, which I enjoy watching immensely. It is a little like herding kittens. Read More

Pretty as a Princess

A girly girl I am not. Yet somehow my daughter has turned out to be the most Princess-obsessed little girl I’ve ever met. Read More

Mama’s Little Helper

Every time I let go of my need for order and neatness I find that my daughter and I have such a blast! Read More

Too Much of a Good Thing

I absolutely love Christmas. I love the family, the friends, the dinners, the treats, the laughs and the togetherness. And yes, if I can be honest, sometimes I love the gifts as well. Read More

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