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About Us

Jessica H. Anderson

Areas of Practice:

  • Family Law
  • Civil Litigation

Civic Involvement:

  • Junior League of Reno
  • Member of Executive Council of Family Law Section of State Bar of Nevada
  • Girl Scouts of Sierra Nevada troop leader
  • Leadership Reno Sparks Class of 2012


  • Juris Doctorate, University of San Francisco, 2002
  • Bachelor of Arts, Political Science, University of Oregon, 1998

Bar Admissions:

  • State Bar of Nevada 2002

Civic Involvement:

  • Junior League of Reno
  • Girl Scouts of Sierra Nevada
  • Leadership Reno-Sparks 2012

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What sets Anderson Keuscher apart from other law firms in Northern Nevada has much to do with the atmosphere of the business. The firm’s focus is the value to the client, not the billable hour.  As such, clients may freely discuss their case with their attorney and not feel the pressure that every second is costing them money. 

Jessica is able to handle the most challenging and complicated family law matters, yet the firm structure allows her to be personally involved in all of her cases and remain accessible to her clients.  In all cases, Jessica brings to the table substantial litigation experience and business acumen. She is committed to service and efficiency and makes an investment in every client relationship. Jessica strives to make a positive difference in the lives of her clients and their children and achieve the best possible outcome on their behalf.

Jessica has been practicing family law since 2002.  She is a fourth generation Nevadan, born and raised in Reno. Jessica is a graduate of the University of Oregon, where she majored in Political Science. She received her J.D. from the University of San Francisco, where she actively participated in numerous legal advocacy programs in the Bay Area. Jessica currently serves on the Executive Council of the Family Law Section of the State Bar of Nevada, a group which helps guide state legal policy with respect to important family law issues. Jessica has co-authored numerous amicus briefs to the Nevada Supreme Court regarding important family law issues. She is a member of the State Bar of Nevada and the Washoe County Bar Association. Jessica has also been published in Northern Nevada Business Weekly.

Jessica believes that it is important to give back to the community in which we live. As such, Jessica is actively involved in Junior League of Reno (committee chair), Girls Scouts of Sierra Nevada (troop leader) and is a member of Leadership Reno-Sparks 2012.

Jessica is also the on-air legal analyst for the Bill & Connie morning radio show at ALICE 96.5 FM. Jessica also offers general family law and co-parenting advice on KOLO channel 8 during the Moms Everyday segments. Jessica is also featured on Fox11 and where she provides viewers with valuable family law pointers.

Jessica understands that within every family law matter there is both a technical and human aspect. She is comfortable in both realms. Jessica is an experienced litigator who handles her cases thoughtfully and aggressively while treating her clients with the compassion and sensitivity that is necessary when providing legal representation to someone going through an extremely difficult time in their life.

“Divorce is one of the most difficult periods in a person’s life. But it is a reality most of us will have to face in our own personal lives in one form or another. While the fact that you are divorcing may be out of your control, the divorce process itself and the ultimate resolution to your case should not be. I can help.”



Information for Moms

Unlike other states, Nevada does not have a statute for alimony that we can look to in order to calculate the alimony award.(Full Story)
Nevada is a community property state, which means that all the assets acquired during the marriage are equally divided in the event of divorce.(Full Story)
If you want to get a divorce without going to court, your only option is to have an “uncontested divorce”.(Full Story)
In order to get an annulment In the State of Nevada you must prove grounds.(Full Story)
Generally, grandparents do not have a right to visitation or custody of a grandchild in Nevada, other than through the parents of the grandchild. (Full Story)
The minimum child support obligation is $100 per month per child.(Full Story)
Not to be confused with joint physical custody, where parents share parenting time. Joint legal custody is simply the decision making part of custodial rights. (Full Story)
If two people decide to live together and forgo marriage they should consider entering into a cohabitation agreement in order to protect their rights should their relationship end.(Full Story)
If a court has entered an order for custody, a parent may not relocate to another state with the children without the consent of the other parent or court authorization.(Full Story)
When there are children involved, the courts take substance abuse issues very seriously.(Full Story)
If you find yourself going into family court and you can’t afford an attorney, “coaching” by an attorney may be a good option.(Full Story)
Alimony may be modified upon a showing of a change of financial circumstances with the spouse that is receiving alimony or the spouse that is paying alimony.(Full Story)
In the child custody context, what happens if one parent wants to move out of state?(Full Story)
Unfortunately, domestic violence still occurs in the home, what legally constitutes domestic violence?(Full Story)
What is a parenting coordinator and what do they do?(Full Story)
A lot of people are on Facebook these days, how does something like that factor in for a divorce or custody battle?(Full Story)
What is the difference between a contested and uncontested divorce?(Full Story)
In a custody battle, does the child ever get a chance to choose who they would like to live with?(Full Story)
Child Support in Nevada is governed by Chapter 125B of the Nevada Revised Statutes. Whether or not a parent will be required to pay child support is based on the custodial arrangement.(Full Story)
A post-nuptial agreement is an agreement entered into between married people after marriage- not to be confused with a pre-nuptial agreement which is an agreement entered into between people contemplating marriage prior to marriage.(Full Story)
Divorce is difficult for any child at any age to deal with. There are many ways to go about telling the children that you are getting a divorce. Finding an effective way to do it is not necessarily easy.(Full Story)
Many people contemplating divorce do not have a clear picture of their marital finances, do not have access to the significant marital financial accounts, and therefore, are often at a disadvantage once the divorce process is initiated.(Full Story)