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Parenting Coordinator

What is a parenting coordinator and what do they do? A parenting coordinator is a neutral professional that comes in on a case to resolve the disputes that really should be resolved outside of court. The parenting coordinator deals with minor disputes regarding visitation or extracurricular activities, i.e. disputes that should be resolved out of court. The parenting coordinator is typically a lawyer or a mental health professional like a therapist or a licensed clinical social worker. Are parenting coordinator’s decisions binding? Usually, although each party has the right to appeal any decision to the district court. How does the cost of parenting coordination compare to litigation? Custody litigation in particular is extremely expensive and if you have to run to court every time you have any dispute with your ex-spouse after divorce about the issues that come up with raising a child in two households, you will spend a fortune. Parenting coordination at my office typically costs $400 per 1-hour meeting, with the parties equally dividing the costs. I try to resolve as many issues as I can in that hour so it can be cost effective. What are some of the limitations on this type of service? A parenting coordinator cannot change custody, child support, or authorize relocating out of state. The decisions are really minor. If you are having a dispute about extracurricular activities, visitation times, custody exchange or holidays, etc., you go to a parenting coordinator and they should be able to resolve that for you.

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