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Thrifty Tip and Kids Craft - DIY Jewelry

This is a fun kids craft that is great for so many reasons:

- Keeps your kids busy doing a great craft
- Great for fine motor skills
- Save you money on Birthday Gifts, kids jewelry and more
- Fosters creativity

We have a huge bucket full of pony beads. I think my mom picked them up from a garage sale for cheap. Otherwise, you can buy them at any craft store or even Walmart. The kids will spend hours stringing up beads making bracelets and necklaces in all sorts of patterns.

I pick up a spool of stretch bead and jewelry cord and just cut it in appropriate lengths (you can get the cord at any craft store too). I saved a lot of clean up and headache when I found the little grippers shown in the below picture. You just clip it to one end so the beads don’t fall off and then let the kids design away!

When they’re done, tie it off and viola a cute creation made by your kids.

My kids have made so many bracelets and necklaces. They love it! I even join in and make my own anklets and bracelets…there’s so many fun beads to choose from.

Of course this craft isn’t for young kids that still like to put things in their mouths, ears or nose!

Have fun!

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