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1 in 8 Babies is Born Too Soon

Premature birth can happen without warning and for no known reason. To fight this problem, the March of Dimes launched a national multiyear, multimillion-dollar Prematurity Campaign to raise awareness of the problem of prematurity and to reduce the rate of premature birth.       

In 2005, 1 in 8 babies (12.7% of live births) was born premature in the United States. How does Virginia rank in premature birth rates? Check-out our most recent Premature Birth Report Card.

For more perinatal health data, visit the March of Dimes PeriStats web site . The PeriStats web site provides:

    • Free access to U.S., state and local maternal and infant health data aggregated from more than 11 government agencies and organizations.
    • Easy access to more than 60,000 graphs, maps, and tables.
    • Over 100 health indicators, including measure of prenatal care adequacy, low birthweight, preterm birth, and infant mortality, within many indicators stratified by race, ethnicity and maternal age.
    • Detailed perinatal data for the largest U.S. cities and counties.