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About Us

At Southeast Tech, we do one thing and do it well - educate for employment success! With over 50 career paths to choose from, our students enter the workforce confident and experienced in their chosen profession. Also, because our students spend just two years with us, their knowledge base is fresh and innovative.

Contrary to popular belief, excellent education doesn’t have to take years to complete or cost a fortune. Cutting through the clutter of traditional coursework, Southeast Tech offers streamlined Associate in Applied Science degrees as well as diplomas and certificates. In 24 months or less, and at a quarter of the cost of a conventional four-year degree, you can save time and money while banking on a degree that will pay you back!

Our programs have been developed in direct response to market demand and industry leadership. The results are career-relevant graduates that have the ability to hit the ground running with hands-on knowledge and skills. Our graduate placement rates are excellent because employers know they can expect the best from a career-college like Southeast Tech.

Southeast Tech FAQ

What time commitment do I have to make to enroll full-time?
You can expect to do at least one hour of outside of class work, per credit you’re enrolled in – if you are enrolled in 12 credits you can expect to spend a minimum of 12 hours studying and completing homework outside of your scheduled classes, every week. There are exceptions depending on your course load and what program you’re enrolled in.

I haven’t been a student for several years- I’m not sure how to prepare to divide my time between life and family commitments and schoolwork and be successful.
We have several resources on campus you can take advantage of. You’ll have a student success advisor and faculty advisor that will assist you from transferring in credits to enrolling and everything after that to assure your success. We have a high percentage of students that have completed some years of education or have worked for several years and are looking to complete their degree.

Will my salary compensate me enough after I graduate to make it viable financially to enroll?
It depends on what you’re currently doing, what you want to do in the future and what your goals are. If it’s to improve your financial situation, it depends on the degree you choose. We have placement data and salary expectations for every program. Some individuals want to earn their degree for personal satisfaction as well as show their children a good example that you can meet your dreams and desires.

What are the options if my son or daughter were to start at Southeast Tech but wanted to continue on to get their bachelor’s degree?
When deciding whether to attain a two-year versus a four-year degree, you might not realize you can do both without sacrificing time or money. How? Exciting partnerships between Southeast Tech and local colleges and universities allow students with an Associate in Applied Science degree the opportunity to earn their Bachelor’s degree, without losing credit hours or repeating classes. Several of our partners offer scholarships that help with tuition, or degree completion programs allow them to enroll at a deeply discounted tuition rate specifically for Southeast Tech graduates.

Know the Value of Your Degree
Experts suggest capping total student debt below the first year’s expected salary. For example, if you expect to earn $35,000 upon graduation, your total student debt shouldn’t exceed $35,000. At Southeast Tech, every degree can be completed for under $30,000 and many for considerably less. With the lowest tuition rate for miles and the ability to earn a degree in 24 months or less, Southeast Tech is an excellent choice!

Education Revolution – Education that Works for You!

  • More than 40 degrees offer students the ability to specialize in careers that are highly sought-after right here in South Dakota and the surrounding region.
  • Nearly 1,000 students graduated in 2013 – we have South Dakota’s third largest college graduating class!
  • 96% of these graduates were employed within 6 months.
  • 92% were employed in their field. Every degree can be completed in 24 months or less at a fraction of the cost of a traditional degree!