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About Us

Come Explore... Interact... Be Inspired!

The Butterfly House & Aquarium is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

Your admissions and donations help support our mission:

Learning, healing, and celebrating nature’s beauty with tropical butterflies and marine life.

Thank you!

Come explore nature's beauty together.

Interact with tropical butterflies and marine life.

Be inspired to learn, heal, and appreciate nature's beauty!


Exhibits & Admission

Butterfly House
The Butterfly House is home to butterflies from all around the world. They begin their journeys at butterfly farms and once they form their chrysalises, they travel to their new home with us where they emerge as beautiful butterflies.  Learn more....

The Cove
The Cove at the Butterfly House & Aquarium displays hundreds of different species of fishes and corals in over 20,000 gallons of aquariums.  From coral reefs and anemones to seahorses and tangs, our saltwater exhibits are home to marine life from the Indo-Pacific region as well as the Caribbean.  Learn and heal with the ocean's incredible beauty!  Learn more....

Shark & Stingray Touch Pool
The Region’s Only Shark & Stingray Touch Pool!  Reach out to touch sharks and stingrays, and experience hands-on learning with these incredible ocean animals.  Our touch pool animals create the perfect opportunity to get to know marine life in our landlocked state.  Discover the friendly and curious stingrays as they swim up to greet you!  Learn more....

Pacific Tide Pool
Tide pools are found along the sea shore, and are home to special invertebrates that can survive this ever-changing environment.  Our Pacific Tide Pool features animals that are found in tide pools along the coast from southern California to Alaska.  Discover more about these fascinating invertebrates at our interactive Pacific Tide Pool!  Learn more....

Fins & Flutters Gift Shop
You’ll find something for everyone in our Fins & Flutters Gift Shop!

Kids learn with nature-themed toys, puzzles, and educational storybooks.

Adults love our unique selection of t-shirts, home decor, and gardening items.

All proceeds from your gift shop purchases support the Butterfly House & Aquarium.
Thank You!  Learn more....

Discovery Den
The Discovery Den features information about our ambassador animals, reading nook, Jellyfish lifecycle exhibit and information on our conservation partnerships worldwide. Our hope is to inspire our visitors to care for and protect the environment.

Meet our friendly critters and read all about them in our fun collection of nature books .Sponsored by First Bank and Trust, Kate Florio and Larry Burris, the Discovery Den is a great place to learn more about our conservation efforts and how you can help! Our Reading Nook is the generous gift of Joe and Elaine Floyd.  Thank you, Joe and Elaine!  Learn more....

Education & Healing Opportunities

The Butterfly House & Aquarium has an array of learning and healing opportunities for all ages and abilities.

Learn about insects, spiders, marine life, and conservation here in our unique setting, where you are immersed in the experience!  Bring your daycare, classroom, scout group, or service club to experience interactive ocean and rainforest education.

Our beautiful aquariums and butterflies also create the perfect environment for healing. Research shows that viewing peaceful nature scenes helps reduce blood pressure, heart rate, breathing rate, and stress while improving mood and speeding recovery time.

Come learn and heal with our tropical butterflies and marine life!

Group Reservations
A group visit to the Butterfly House & Aquarium in an amazing opportunity for guests to get engage with some of nature’s most incredible animals.  Learn More

School Field Trips
The Butterfly House & Aquarium offers many educational opportunities for all ages and types of groups. Learn about insects, spiders, marine life and conservation with tropical butterflies and ocean animals!  Learn More

Kid-Venture Classes
Designed with our younger 'pupa' in mind! We are offering various age-appropriate topics that are sure to get your little one excited about nature and learning!  Learn More


Learn More About Butterflies
Learn more about the butterfly life cycle and the butterflies living in the Butterfly House.  Learn More

Learn More About Marine Life
Learn more about the life cycles of the animals living in the Marine Cove.  Learn More


Sky & Fin Kid's Page
Sky and Fin love to teach kids about their home at the Butterfly House & Aquarium! In order to view and print our educational coloring pages, you will need to have Adobe  Learn More


Yoga & Tai Chi
If you're looking for a way to reduce stress, consider Yoga or Tai Chi (TIE-CHEE) with the butterflies. Graceful forms of exercise, both are used for stress reduction and a variety of health conditions.  Learn More


Crystal Bowl Sound Healing
Join us for sound healing sessions with the butterflies and aquariums! The alchemy crystal bowls can provide gentle balancing for all levels of your well-being.  Learn More


Tibetan Singing Bowls
Tibetan Singing Bowl Meditation in the Butterfly House will help you relax with nature's beauty. Tibetan singing bowls are a form of harmonic sound therapy.   Learn More


UnderSea TV
We share the ocean with Avera’s patients through underwater cameras that send footage of the Marine Cove’s aquariums to the Avera McKennan Hospital & University Health Center.  Learn More


Arts Oasis
Our Arts Oasis programs combine the health benefits of creating art and time with nature.  Learn More

Campers enjoy a year-round tropical oasis, with amazing sights and smiles around every corner!
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