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About Us

Breaking the cycle of Sexual and Domestic Violence through

Counseling | Advocacy | Education | Awareness | Outreach 

The Compass Center exists to break the cycle of sexual and domestic violence. We do that by providing free counseling to all survivors.  Children ages 3-12 receive specialized play therapy while moms receive traditional counseling.

We provide crisis intervention, advocacy, counseling, and prevention education service to those impacted by domestic violence, sexual assault, and stalking. Survivors of sexual and domestic violence receive services at no charge.

We also offer the area's only batterer intervention program, working with batterers to stop the violence.

The Compass Center FAQ

How much does it cost?
Absolutely nothing! Thanks to our generous donors, we can help families for as long as they need our services.

When will I (or my child) be back to normal again?
Counseling and play therapy is different for each person. Age, the trauma involved, and personality all play a role that determines the time spent in counseling.

Will people know I am using your services?
We take confidentiality seriously and take many steps to safeguard your information. Clients are free to use an assumed name if that makes them feel more comfortable.

How can you help besides counseling?
The Compass Center helps with advocacy issues, too. Advocacy can take many forms. We help write protection orders and will go to law enforcement meetings and court dates. We can help find and connect you to other community resources, too.

What is play therapy?
Play therapy is used with children ages 3-12. The therapist plays with clients in order to build trust and rapport. As the child plays, the way he or she picks and uses toys gives the therapist insight into how they are feeling. The therapist uses that knowledge to work with the child.




The Compass Center is committed to breaking the cycle of sexual and domestic violence.  We achieve this mission through three programs.


We know that survivors often find getting back to normal is a long term process.  We offer help to survivors of sexual and domestic violence through counseling with LPC level therapists, assistance with advocacy, and crisis intervention.

In order to break the cycle of violence, The Compass Center offers the area's only batterer intervention program, called Family Violence Project (FVP).  The FVP groups address the controlling behaviors that lead to domestic violence.

Public education and the implementation of prevention-based programs are important to the mission of The Compass Center.  Community presentations are available and free of charge to any group in the four county Sioux Falls area.