Natural Cleaners

This article, entitled "Natural Cleaners," comes from Pam Tauscher, MomsEveryday correspondent from Madison, WI.

There are so many products on the market today claiming to be environmentally friendly, it can be overwhelming. But the EPA is trying to help. When you see the new design for the environment logo, it means independent researchers say it lines up on the green end of the environmental spectrum - without sacrificing product performance.

Another option is to make your own cleaning products. Things you’ll want in your arsenal: white vinegar, a great all purpose cleaner; corn starch, a deodorizer. Sprinkle a cup on your carpet and then vacuum. Baking soda deodorizes and is mildly abrasive. Washing soda, in the laundry aisle, cuts grease, removes stains and softens water. Also plant-based soap and borax, both natural cleaners.

A one-to-one mixture of vinegar and water is a great all-purpose cleaner, it removes mildew and odors and can be used to clean many surfaces including windows and counters.

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