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As a single mom I was the first female attorney in Bowling Green to open a practice. This was 38 years ago and although my practice has grown I still understand the struggle of women in the workforce juggling a career and family. When I began as a lawyer in Bowling Green I was appointed Public Advocate and had numerous jury trials representing the poor and indigent. Not only did I grow as an attorney, but as a person who understands those in need. For much of my practice I have concentrated on representing the injured so I can make a difference in their lives. Families and children who have been seriously injured has always been my passion.

MomsEveryday gives me the opportunity to answer everyday questions dealing with family law and personal injury. If you have questions e-mail me and I will personally take the time to answer. At times we may publish your question so feel free to be anonymous. Also, visit my website which was created to answer your legal questions. Be sure to watch MomsEveryday on Tuesdays where I will be talking about issues that affect you and your family.



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Question: What about the property damage to my vehicle?

Answer:  You will be entitled to property damage for the loss of your vehicle if your car has been totaled. The amount you receive is what your vehicle would have sold prior to the collision or the book value of your vehicle. If your car is not totaled and needs repairs, it is recommended that you obtain three estimates of repair cost. The insurance company is responsible to pay the reasonable cost of those repairs. If your car has been totaled, you may want to keep your vehicle for salvage value and this can often be worked out with the insurance company.

Question: If my car is totaled, will my insurance pay off my car note?

Answer:  Not necessarily, your recovery will be for the actual cash value of the car not the amount owed. The term “actual cash value” refers to what it would cost to replace your damaged vehicle with one similar in condition and mileage. Conditions such as un-repaired previous damage, mileage, and tire wear are all considered in determining actual cash value. If your car has been financed, the actual cash value may be much less than the money owed.

Question: Will my policy pay for a rental car if my car is damaged? 

Answer:  This varies from policy to policy, but typically car rental is paid for the period between the accident and repair, or until such time as the vehicle is appraised as a total loss, and the loss is paid or offered. Insurance adjusters may offer to pay only the least expensive rates available for a rental car. It is usually your reponsibility to pay for insuring the rental car.

Question: What should I do if I have an accident? 

Answer:  You should immediately report all accidents, however slight, to the police and your insurance company. The parties involved should exchange information including name, address, license number, plate number, insurer, date and time of accident and the names and addresses of witnesses. Your insurance company should be notified before you authorize repairs to your car.

Question: Can my son or daughter, covered under my policy, drive someone else's car and still be covered by my policy? 

Answer:  A son or daughter can drive someone else's car with permission and still be covered by your policy, if he or she is a resident of your household and has reasonable belief that he or she is entitled to use the vehicle being driven. Always check to make sure.

Question:  If my child was injured in a car accident how would I make sure that money collected is used only by my child?  Would anyone be allowed to spend that money?

Answer:  We represent injured children and make sure the money we collect is theirs when they turn eighteen.  The law requires that money recovered by a child is held in a trust until age eighteen.  In many cases we set up college funds so our injured clients will have money for their future education or to purchase a home.  

Question:  How can I make sure I have enough insurance if someone else hurts me or my family in a car wreck?  

Answer:  You need to make sure you have enough insurance to protect you and your family in the event someone else hurts you in a car accident.  It is very important to have both Uninsured and Underinsured coverage on every vehicle on separate policies so you can add them together.  I recommend coverage amounts of 100/300 or 300/500.  It is also important to have ample PIP which pays your wages and medical bills while you recover. You can even increase this coverage amount from $10,000 to $50,000 for better coverage

Question:  PIP…what is that?  What does PIP pay?

Answer:  PIP means Personal Injury Protection.. it is the insurance that comes from the vehicle you were in during the accident and pays for medical bills and lost wages.  At our law firm we always reserve PIP to be used by our clients’ treating physicians.