Have a back to school party!

Leona Morelock

This article, entitled Have a Back to School Party!, comes from Leona Morelock at Our Daily Coffee.

I remember the excitement of going back to school clothes shopping with my mom. Especially in high school we would go to the mall and visit all my favorite stores and see what the colors and styles for that year were going to be. I wish my mom would still take me clothes shopping every fall!

Whether it is that they are excited to see old friends, meet new teachers, get tons of cool new supplies including a new backpack, or especially for girls the new clothes, every child has his or her own memories associated with this new phase in their life. A new school year is a big deal. Especially if your child is starting a different school. Why not say goodbye to the carefree summer vacation and hello to late nights of homework with a party! I’m not suggesting anything extravagant just another reason in life to celebrate with your family or maybe some friends.

Here are just a few suggestions of things you could do …

If this is a move to a new school where they won’t know anyone have a special dinner for just your family with your child as the star. Cook their favorite food (usually making for a very easy menu), decorate the table with school supplies (which you have to buy anyway), make a table cloth using blank sheets of notebook paper or a white paper table cloth that you can draw on with crayons. A very simple yet meaningful night.

Want to throw a get together? What about using an apple theme or ABC 123? You can serve things like candy apples, slices of apples with peanut butter, cookies in apple shapes, apple cider and of course milk and cookies. You can give each child a brown paper bag with little gifts as a take home favor, definitely including some smarties! Have a white or brown paper tablecloth, cut an apple in half, dip it in paint and have fun with your child creating the decorations.

No time for a party? Let your child make some cookies, have some apple shapes, some numbers and letters and put one in a cellophane bag with a small note from your child to give to all their new friends on the first day of school. Of course don’t forget something for the teacher! Your child will instantly be everyone’s best friend! Make this a fun transition and you can’t go wrong.

If your child has already started school, all these ideas can still be done to celebrate their first week or few weeks back. This can also be a good time to socialize and get to know other mothers. Why not invite a few to join you at Starbucks so you can also celebrate your children being back to school!

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