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We've had a few days mixed into the last few weeks when the sun is blazing a beautiful 70 degrees down on us, and I tell ya, there's nothing like throwing open the windows and breathing in that warmth, right into your lungs, right into your soul.

The first day that it happens always feels like a miracle. Like the skies part and the magic of spring pours out and we scream "spring is here!"

Then as more days are sunny, longer, and warmer we calm ourselves a little. "Spring is here!" becomes a sigh of relief "spring is here." Soon it becomes our normal, all around us, oh---spring is here.

Along those same lines, Scooter has started walking. Those first lumbering steps didn't come as a surprise, he's been aching to race after his brothers since the moment he first breathed air. Still that leap in my heart when he rises for the first time, a little top heavy and unsteady, and lumbers across the living room floor like a tipsy miniature Bigfoot...there's nothing like it.

The first time he did it we squealed "SCOOTER IS WALKING!" It was no more than a few days and he was toddling around, 4 and 5 steps at a time, with his own agenda, his own free will, and we sighed in delight, "Scooter...he's walking." Now it's nothing to turn around in the kitchen and see him strolling behind me with whatever contraband he's stolen from the cupboards clenched in his grimy fists. Still with the lurching of a tilt-a-whirl but a balance he has almost mastered. Just like that, it's become our normal, Scooter is walking.

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