7 Ideas to Make Your Easter Eggstra Special

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This article, originally entitled 7 Ideas to Make Your Easter Eggstra Special comes from SavingsAngel.com.

With Easter coming this weekend, finding goodies to stuff your basket is easy. Tempting candy, bright plastic eggs, and adorable stuffed buddies abound. But with so many choices, you can end up overflowing your baskets and emptying your wallet – without gaining anything important. Here are some tips to help cut through the excess and enjoy a more meaningful and enjoyable Easter.

(1) Buy quality: Don’t waste your money on cheap toys, stuffed animals, and trinkets that fall apart quickly. Well-made goods cost a bit more, but will be enjoyed much longer – ultimately making them the better buy.

(2) Forget quantity and focus on the receiver: Over-abundance diminishes appreciation for individual pieces. Only spend your money on gifts the receiver will truly enjoy, use, and remember.

(3) Choose taste: When it comes to candy, only put your money where you want to put your mouth. No matter how cheap it is, money spent on treats no one will eat is wasted.

(4) Stretch the fun: Make an egg or clue hunt, instead of everything already being in a basket. In a clue hunt, each clue leads to another clue, until ultimately the prize is found. You can even attach clues to small gifts that eventually lead to a big gift. Be creative. Best of all, this fun is great indoors or out.

(5) Skip the plastic grass: Unless you are really in love with plastic Easter grass, don’t bother. It’s usually more of a nuisance than a joy. Plastic grass tends to stick to everything and you’ll find it all over the house for months to come. Save your money for something better.

(6) Ignore the egg kits: You probably already have all you need to make beautiful dyed eggs. Eggs can be colored with a simple mixture of food coloring, vinegar, and room-temperature water. Want embellishments? Look around the house for stickers, bits of ribbon, even leftover craft supplies.

(7) Slow down: For many families, Easter is about much more than colored eggs and chocolate bunnies. If your family is one of them, take time this Easter to worry less about perfect outfits, and more about the people inside them. Celebrate, love… and then eat the ears off the big chocolate bunny!

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