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About Us

Since 1992, Community Health Partnership (CHP) has provided a forum for health care organizations and community members to work together to improve health care for our entire community.  Founded by AspenPointe, the El Paso County Medical Society, El Paso County Public Health, Memorial Health System, Peak Vista Community Health Centers, and Penrose-St. Francis Health Services, the membership has grown to more than 25 organizations and individuals representing a variety of areas in healthcare.

Health care reform drives communities to take ownership of health care delivery and outcomes, and CHP’s model of collaboration is a stellar example of how organizations can work together for common goals, both formally and informally.  Our scope of work is not restricted to one idea or area.  The coalition is open to new ideas and models that will improve our community’s health.

We believe that keeping health care local and building on existing resources ensures the best care and the most efficient use of our health care dollars for the citizens of the Pikes Peak Region.

What does CATCH do?

CATCH connects low-income residents to donated health care services. Recognizing a growing need for health care services for our community’s uninsured low-income residents, Community Health Partnership established CATCH in 2006. CATCH coordinates donated services from physicians, pharmaceutical companies, labs and other specialty providers to provide health care services to those who need it most.


CHP endeavors to stay abreast of changing needs in the world of healthcare. In addition to our established programs like CATCH and CommunityCare, we are involved in a variety of healthcare initiatives to help improve healthcare for our community.

Find out how we are involved in our current initiatives: