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Cremation: Colorado Springs, CO

Colorado Springs Cremation Planning. Tell your loved ones what you want for your Colorado Springs cremation by preplanning with the Neptune Society. Only through preplanning can you ensure your Colorado Springs cremation will be carried out exactly as you wish. With so many affordable Colorado Springs cremation packages for all kinds of services, you can choose precisely what services you desire. Our representatives are experts at matching your needs to the perfect Colorado Springs cremation packages, so call our nearest office today to learn more.

Affordable Prepaid Colorado Springs Cremations. A counselor can help you save money on a prepaid Colorado Springs cremation. Our counselors can explain how our price protection works, where you lock in today’s low price for your prepaid Colorado Springs cremation. They can also point you to exclusive discounts for veterans and other eligible parties to save on your Colorado Springs cremation plan. Call our nearest office or complete the form on the right for more information about prepaid Colorado Springs cremations.

Colorado Springs, CO Cremation Pre-Planning: What You Should Know 

  • Cremation is Affordable
  • Prepaid Cremation Saves Money
  • Preplanning Gives You Control
  • Preplanning Provides Peace of Mind
  • Use the form on this page for a FREE cremation planning guide.

Denver Cremation Planning. The Neptune Society Denver has provided cremation planning services to Jefferson County since 2002. Cremation is a popular and far more affordable end of life option than a traditional funeral and burial. Our capable and dedicated staff is available to assist you in establishing a thoughtful cremation plan that identifies your final wishes and informs your loved ones. Neptune Society Denver is your first choice for cremation services in Denver.
Prepaid Denver Cremation Services

Affordable Prepaid Cremation in Denver. Once a cremation plan has been established, Neptune Society Denver offers the option of pre-payment for Denver cremation services to lock in today’s price for cremation. Denver residents meet with our compassionate staff to discuss all options, ensure a solid cremation plan, and make the financial arrangements. A preplanned prepaid cremation eliminates the need for your loved ones to make difficult decisions or cover the cost of cremation.

Our Neptune Society manager has been providing funeral and cremation services for over 35 years. We are proud to serve the Denver community. You will always be treated with dignity and respect at Neptune Society.  Contact us for help with cremation planning or prepaid cremation.  Contact us today.

Neptune Society FAQ

Why choose Neptune Society?
Neptune Society is the nation’s premier provider of cremation services, serving communities across the U.S. for almost 40 years. We offer personalized, reliable, and affordable solutions for end-of-life needs. Some of our competitors offer cut-rate services, but may not have Neptune Society’s reliability and diligence. Quality of care is important with final needs. Trust Neptune Society to take care of you and your family.

Are the Number of Cremations Increasing?
Since the 1980’s, the number of U.S. residents choosing cremation has been on the way up, and all signs point to a continuing rise. That the number of people choosing cremation has been on the rise for three decades is not debated. This is a countrywide trend with every geographic region seeing an increase in the cremation rate.

Do you have specialty urn options?
Specialty cremation urns provide families with unique ways to express their grief and honor their lost loved ones. Whether a family wants to honor their lost loved one’s personality, sports prowess, career, hobbies, or military service – or just wants a beautiful urn to express their love for the deceased – there is a specialty urn option for everyone.

Can There be a Delay in the Cremation Process?
Handling funeral and cremation arrangements is a stressful process for families. Grieving family members must make important decisions with permanent consequences when the deceased has not already made arrangements. Even when the process goes smoothly, it is stressful for the bereaved, but, if there are delays, the funeral process can become a nightmare. Understanding frequent causes of delays in the cremation process helps families avoid these common issues, and helps the cremation process proceed smoothly – reducing stress at a time when family members are already burdened with grief.

Cremation or Burial?
There are a number of factors to consider when choosing between cremation and burial: cost, environmental impacts, beliefs, and family wishes are just a few. Learn why you might want to choose cremation.

Is There a Difference Between Cremation Urns, Keepsake Urns, and Other Cremation Memorial Keepsakes
When an individual or family chooses cremation, one of the first questions that follows is what to do with the remains. Some choose cremation urns or keepsake urns to hold and display the remains. Others start with urns for cremation, and then build memorials around them such as a memorial bench in a beautiful garden or cemetery. Alternately, funeral urns may be skipped entirely in favor of alternate memorial keepsakes including cremation jewelry or pottery.

What is a Crematory?
What is a crematory? At its core, a crematory is a facility where remains are reduced to ashes. However, a crematory can be much more than that. A crematory may include a chapel, a viewing chamber, facilities where families can hold traditional funerals, and may be located at a cemetery or facility where the ashes can be interred. What can you expect from a crematorium?

Do You Help Plan Veteran Cremations?
Neptune Society’s dedicated family services representatives are trained to answer your questions about veteran cremation and help you navigate benefits eligibility and planning. Make your first call to Neptune Society for information on both cremation and veteran funeral benefits.

Do you have more questions?
Please contact us or Click here for more answers

Online Direct Cremation Services

Our affordable plans have helped 100,000’s of Americans during one of life’s most challenging moments. We are proud to serve in Colorado and to offer our families options to pre arrange with us. Colorado residents can now make arrangements from the privacy of their home. Our simple 4 step process makes it easy to plan ahead. If at any point you have questions or would like to speak with one of our licensed funeral directors, just call our local office. We are here to help.

Make arrangements on your schedule, at your convenience
Affordable all-inclusive packages, no hidden fees
30 day money back guarantee

We have served families for over 40 years, we are here to serve future generations.

Preplanning Cremation Saves Thousands

Cremation is an increasingly popular alternative to a traditional funeral and burial. Its ease and affordability simplify end-of-life decisions. Contact the professionals at Neptune Society to find out why. Start here to develop a sensible prepaid funeral plan.
Request our free answer booklet to: 

  • Understand why people choose cremation
  • Learn about estate planning beyond a will
  • Find state-specific information
  • Get time-of-need guidelines
  • Discover travel protection

Complete this simple request form to access valuable information to better understand available options. Cremation plans by Neptune Society are simple and affordable solutions for you and your loved ones.

Please accept our deepest sympathies for your loss.

If you don’t have a prearranged plan in place when a loved one passes away, the myriad of details that need attention can be overwhelming. Our experienced and caring professionals are available to help you through this difficult grieving period and answer any questions you have about what to do.

First: Notify us that a death has occurred.

Speak with a Funeral Director or a designated Family Services Representative to learn how to carry out your loved one’s wishes for cremation.

Report a Loved One’s Passing

Call the Location Nearest You if a Loved One has Passed Away

Second: Gather information.

Neptune Society, doctors, state agencies, and other officials will need the following information in order to proceed:

  • Date of birth and birthplace
  • Social Security number
  • Father’s name and state of birth
  • Mother’s maiden name and state of birth
  • Form DD-214 (if deceased was a veteran)
  • A copy of the driver’s license

While we work on your behalf, we invite you to learn more about us and our services.

Thank you for allowing Neptune Society to assist you.

If a death has not occurred and you would like to plan for a future need, please contact us by filling out the form on this page.