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About Us

A provider where your outcome is a priority!
At Revive of Colorado, we provide regenerative medicine and pain management therapies. This includes, but not limited to stem cell, PRP, hair regeneration, cosmetic regenerative methods, and pain management focusing on orthopedic measures.

We work with the Colorado Springs community to provide competitive pricing for our patients that allows them to achieve their goals. Revive of Colorado has a client-centeredness focus that puts our patients' satisfaction first. We use evidence-based practice initiatives to allow Revive of Colorado to provide a unique client experience that is effective in achieving results.

Our goal is to provide services to the community that are otherwise unaffordable to the average person and mitigate surgery where able. It is the mission of Revive of Colorado to get patients back to doing what they love!

Massage Therapy


Danielle Lowe is a licensed massage therapist and certified neuromuscular therapist, a graduate of the Colorado Institute of Massage Therapy. After struggling through over 20 years of obesity and poor habits, she turned her life upsidedown and has dedicated herself to the relentless pursuit of health, through nature and science. Through therapeutic bodywork, client education and participation, she seeks to facilitate the natural healing process to help clients advance and enhance their physical capabilities and strengthen their mind-body connection. Danielle specializes in deep, targeted work for efficiency and reliable results. She utilizes movement and rythm for highly personalized, powerful, and productive sessions.


We partnered with BioTE to provide Natural Hormone Balancing for our patients.BioTE Medical provides bio-identical hormone subcutaneous pellet therapy to help balance hormones in both women and men.


Regenerative Medicine

Revive of Colorado provides several services. Each service will be catered to your specific need by working with you to determine the best strategy by doing an in depth consultation.

Stem Cell Therapy

Allograft tissue therapy can be beneficial for degenerative diseases such as osteoarthritis and chronic arthritis where there can be a loss of tissue and bone remodeling. This therapy may also be beneficial for partial tendon tears and spinal pathologies like pain from a bulging disc. Systemic therapy may beneficial in many diseases such as autoimmune diseases, wound healing, neurological disorders, lung decompensation, and neuropathy. Stem cells have the capability to multiply for approximately 250 days and decrease inflammation. Due to the long proliferation time, the 6 to 8 month mark of treatment may produce optimal results.

Stem Cell Procedures start as low as $4,000

PRP Treatments

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) is the essential part of your blood that is responsible for prevention of bleeding and blood clotting. PRP consists of a concentrated amount of platelets and many growth factors that when concentrated in an affected area, can enhance healing at the site of the disease. When blood is drawn and spun in a centrifuge, the plasma withdrawn is rich in platelets and growth factors.

PRP therapy can help with orthopedic diseases such as osteoarthritis of many joints, tendonitis, rotator cuff tears, ACL tears, plantar fasciitis, tennis and golfer’s elbow, ankle sprains, ligament injuries, skin rejuvenation, alopecia, and many other conditions.

PRP Treatments start as low as $700

Regenerative Cosmetics

PRP Cosmetic Therapy

Regenerative medicine isn't just for injuries and illness. It can also help with signs of aging and scarring. At Revive of Colorado, we will work with you to identify how to best use regenerative medicine to get you looking younger and feeling more confident about your beauty.

Hair Regeneration

Hair loss affects 40% of woman and 80% of men. Many treatments of PRP and
micro-needling to the scalp can increase hair growth by adding growth factors to the affected area. PRP can increase the dermal papillae cells and enhance the hair growth pathways in the scalp. Studies have shown the use of PRP on the scalp increases follicles formed per unit area compared to the control groups. Another study confirmed the use of PRP with micro needling and Minoxidil, increased hair count at week 12 from 22 to 91. Multiple treatments may be needed depending on each case and the amount of hair loss. Tiny microinjections of PRP will be administered to the scalp. Then with a micro-needle roller the entire area with being rolled. The leftover PRP will be smeared on the affected area. You will be given multiple hair stimulating products and tools for in between treatments to use at home with instructions.

 Hair regeneration starts at $830 per procedure