About Us was originally conceived and brought to life by the owner, writer and content manager Tammy York. Tammy would like to see all women living a full life regardless of budgetary constraints.

The website first launched in March 2012 and has been viewed over 45,000 times, with the predominate viewership coming from the 719 area code.
Tammy York has a robust presence in the region with multiple media appearances in a very short span of time. FAQ

Q: Why Why not
This site is specific to the area code that it represents. We have plans to move into other area codes in the future and have already purchased all the major area codes for future roll outs.

Q: Why did you start this site?
There seems to be a need for this site as the reception for the information has been unbelievable! The posts on this site are things that I really find interesting and would normally share with my circle of friends. I am an avid reader and enjoy sharing. I take time to research all of my posts even if I forward a "researched" link to be sure that the reader is getting the best information available.

Q: What subjects on generate the most interest?
The current makeovers that we have been doing since the start of the site are very popular. The site gets a lot of hits from natural products and their multiple uses within the home. Also - we have a section called "What do you think?" that provokes good discussion.

Q: What's the future hold for
We'd really like to reach out even more and find out what women want. How can we benefit the readers even more. The readers' input is essential to the site.

Q: Talk about the up coming "makeover" giveaway.
This is really exiting!,Goodwill,, The Cliff House at Pikes Peak, Ron Rather of Genesis Salon, Teresa Scmhmitt from Mary Kay, and Barb Cobleigh from Lia Sophia are all contributing to a makeover for one lucky woman every 3 months. Details to come. It's going to be a lot of fun!