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About Us

Since 1875, AspenPointe has provided innovative solutions to many of our community’s largest social issues (access to healthcare, unemployment, lack of education) one person at a time.

Our unique approach to whole-person wellness and our breadth of services maximizes the potential of every person and provides the tools necessary for long-term, sustainable success for individuals and our community.

Each year we serve more than 37,000 people and families through mental health and substance abuse care, career and education services, housing, jail diversion/reintegration, telephonic wellness and care management.

We collaborate with regional health care providers, government and civic agencies and other organizations to better our communities and the lives of its residents.

For more information please visit or call (719) 572-6100.



AspenPointe FAQ

Q: What is AspenPointe?
AspenPointe is the name for 12 organizations that serve residents of Colorado. Our organization was founded in 1875 (Colorado Springs Relief Society). Over the years, we’ve been known by many names. Today, we are a system that provides a continuum of care to empower clients, enrich their lives, and embrace their sense of purpose and value. We offer services to individuals and families in mental health, substance abuse, career development, education, housing, jail diversion, and telephonic-based wellness. We also provide administrative services to mental health/substance abuse providers.

Q: What services do you provide?
We offer individual and family services in:
  • Mental Health
  • Substance Abuse
  • Career Development
  • Employment
  • Education
  • Housing
  • Jail Diversion/Reintegration
  • Provider Network Services
  • Telephonic Wellness

Q: Why should I (a prospective client) go there?
We’ve been recognized, nationally, as one of the most-progressive and successful organizations of our kind. Our staff are among the most-credentialed. And our unique blend of services – from mental health and substance abuse, to career development, education and telephonic wellness – offer individuals and families integrated solutions to improve their lives. Lastly, our “whole person” and “strengths-based” approaches have demonstrated extraordinary successes – even among the highest-needs clients.

Q: How prevalent is Mental Illness?
Mental illness is common in the U.S., but many people don't get prompt, adequate treatment or are afraid to seek help because of the stigma. More than one in four U.S. adults per year have some form of mental illness or substance abuse. Many of those cases are mild, but 14% of the population has moderate or severe mental illness such as schizophrenia.

Q: Why does AspenPointe have a cafe?
AspenPointe operates three cafés. Two in Colorado Springs and one in Castle Rock, CO. Our newest is the AspenPointe Cafe at the Citizen's Service Center at 1675 Garden of the Gods Road, Colorado Springs, CO. All cafes are part of AspenPointe Enterprises; a Non-Profit 501 (c) 3. We employ a well-trained and customer-focused staff for dine-in, catering and food service contracts. Our Social Enterprise provides innovative solutions in serving the disenfranchised (disabled and disadvantaged) in our community. Our primary mission is to train and provide jobs for individuals who are often overlooked by other businesses yet make a valuable contribution to the community and their families. By eating our food you are investing in the success of our community. 100 percent of our proceeds are invested back into our business to help train and employ the disabled, seniors, at-risk youth and veterans. Two of our cafes are full-time training facilities teaching food services from dishwashers to cooks creating self-sufficiency by transforming the disenfranchised into highly sought-after food services employees.

Acute Services (Lighthouse)
115 Parkside Drive, Colorado Springs, Co 80910
(719) 635-7000
Map Location
525 North Cascade Avenue, Suite 100, Colorado Springs, Co 80903
(719) 572-6100
Map Location
Administration - Southpointe
665 and 675 Southpointe Court, Suite 220, Colorado Springs, CO 80906
Ph: (719) 572-6100 / Fx: (719) 572-6129
Map Location
Adult and Rural Services
875 West Moreno Avenue, Colorado Springs, CO 80905
(719) 572-6100
Map Location
AspenPointe Cafe at Citizens Service Center
1675 Garden of the Gods Road, Colorado Springs, Colorado 80907
(719) 444-5238
Map Location
Business Lines: Construction/Maintenance/Furniture Warehouse
5867 Terminal Avenue, Colorado Springs, Co 80915
(719) 572-6100
Map Location
5069 N. Academy Boulevard, Colorado Springs, Co 80918
(719) 572-6296
Map Location
Child & Family Services
179 Parkside Drive, Colorado Springs, Co 80910
(719) 572-6100
Map Location
Counseling Services
2864 South Circle Drive, Suite 600, Colorado Springs, Co 80906
(719) 572-6100
Map Location
220 Ruskin Drive, Colorado Springs, Co 80910
(719) 572-6100
Map Location
Health Network/TeleCare
6208 N. Lehman Drive, Suite 317, Colorado Springs, CO 80918
Ph: (719) 572-6100 / Fx: (719) 572-6089
Map Location
Justice Way Cafe
Douglas County Robert A. Christensen Justice Center, 4000 Justice Way, Castle Rock, CO 80109
(303) 814-7615
Map Location
Peak Vista, Divide
34 Hybrook Road, Divide, Co 80814
(719) 687-1105
Map Location
Peak Vista, Union Boulevard
225 South Union Blvd., Colorado Springs, Co 80910
(719) 632-5700
Map Location
Silver Key Senior Services
2250 Bott Avenue, COLORADO SPRINGS, CO 80904
(719) 884-2300
Map Location
Pathways ACCESS Center
875 West Moreno Avenue, Colorado Springs, Co 80905
(719) 572-6100
Map Location
Printers Parkway: Family Medical Practice of Charles Johnson, D.O.
155 Printers Parkway, Suite 230, Colorado Springs, Co 80910
(719) 572-6100
Map Location
460 County Road 43a, Bailey, CO 80421
(800) 285-1204
Map Location
Cripple Creek: Aspen Mine Center
166 E. Bennett Avenue, Cripple Creek, Co 80813
(719) 572-6100
Map Location
295 5th Street, Fairplay, Co 80440
(719) 572-6100
Map Location
Fountain, Lorraine Community Center
301 East Iowa Street, Fountain, Co 80817
(719) 572-6100
Map Location
Woodland Park
300 West Lake Avenue, Suite 4, Woodland Park, Co 80866
(800) 285-1204
Map Location

AspenPointe has launched a community tour designed to educate the public about our continuum of care and whole-person approach to health and wellness.

Wellness Wheels is hitting the streets, touring facilities that highlight programs and services designed to treat the whole-person. The tour begins at the AspenPointe Café at the Citizens Service Center, a social enterprise that puts the disadvantaged and disenfranchised back to work and teaches culinary skills to students in need of marketable job skills.

Enjoy coffee and pastries from our renowned pastry chef and a brief presentation from a member of the AspenPointe leadership team. For more information please fill out a Community Tour form.


We offer a comprehensive and integrated system of care that addresses the overall wellness of each client through a multidisciplinary approach which draws from the services below:

• Individual & Group Therapy

• Psychiatric Consultation &Therapy

• Advocacy & Case Management

• GED Preparation & Testing



We serve families and individuals – adults, children, infants, the homeless and military/veterans. We collaborate with clergy, educators, employers, other health and human service agencies, the legal/criminal justice system, other behavioral health providers, insurers, and many other organizations to leverage our collective resources in order to better our communities and the lives of its residents.



• Colorado ranks 8th in the nation for highest suicide rates.

• According to a SAMHSA study, rate of dependence on or abuse of illicit drugs or alcohol in Colorado was among the 10 highest in the country.

• Unemployment in Colorado is at 8 %, compared to the U.S. average of 7.9% (BLS, 2012)

• 30% of 75 million students will drop out of high school (Gallup, 2011)

• El Paso County is home to more than 40,000 military members; an estimated 20 percent of returning Iraq/Afghanistan veterans suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and severe substance abuse problems (2008 Rand Study)



• One in four adults experiences a mental health disorder in a given year. (National Institute on Mental Health)

• 5-9 percent of children have a serious emotional disturbance. (NAMI)

• 25 percent of the country’s inmates have chronic mental illness. (Harvard University, American Journal of Public Health, January 2009)

• Mental Health is one of the top five most costly medical conditions in the U.S. (NAMI, 2010)

• Each dollar invested in research-based substance abuse prevention programs saves up to $10 in treatment for alcohol or other substance abuse. (Center for Abuse and Treatment)