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How Much Protein Do You Really Need?

How much protein do you really need?

I’ve been trying to add more protein to my diet lately, especially to my breakfast. It helps me to stay full longer and completely gets rid of the sugar cravings I used to have. And with my sweet tooth, that’s quite an accomplishment!

Lately, my breakfasts have been either some Greek yogurt combo or some kind of something with Egg Beaters All Natural 100% Egg Whites, like this green protein shake I’ve been getting such a hard time about – more on that on another day, but yes, it really does taste good!

As far as knowing how much protein to have each day, this is a good general rule – the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends we get 10–35% of our daily calories from protein. On average, that comes out to 46 grams for most women and 56 grams for most men.

Examples of protein in food:

• 3-ounce piece of meat: 21 grams
• 1 cup of milk: 8 grams
• Egg white omelet (made with 3/4 cup Egg Beaters 100% Egg Whites): 20 grams

See? Adding Egg Beaters as a source of protein is a no-brainer! You get all that lean protein, plus EB is super easy to use, it only has 25 calories in each serving, and best of all, there is just ONE ingredient in the carton – EGG WHITES.

Besides adding it my protein shakes, I love love love egg white omelets, so I’ve been having a lot of those lately. I will be sharing some of my favorites soon. Until then, enjoy these yummy recipes from Egg Beaters:

Spinach, Tomato and Feta Omelet (24 grams of protein)
Western Egg White Omelet (26 grams of protein)
Raspberry Protein Smoothie (15 grams of protein)

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. Egg Beaters 100% Egg Whites compensated me to write it. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe my audience will like.

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