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The entire cost of the meal, including the buns, salad greens, aioli and salsa came in at $9.23…not bad!

Full of protein, this bean dip has become one of my favorite ways to tame my hunger pangs.

Portobello caps are delicious and incredibly versatile. Here’s just one easy, and yummy, way to enjoy them.

This is one of those great recipes that can be adapted to whatever you have on hand for veggies.

What’s not to like about tomatoes and melted Parmesan cheese?! I mean, really…

This makes a great summer meal!

Just in time for the 4th of July, these pancakes pack a nice colorful punch with each bite, and the red, white and blue confetti makes them the perfect addition to Independence Day celebrations!

Don’t you just love all the colorful produce at the farmer’s markets? What to make and how to savor all these wonderful flavors I will deeply miss come winter?

Why is this called lazy? You don't need a bowl to mix all the ingredients, you prepare it all in the pan you will be using to bake it in. And skip the frosting, the final step calls for laying three unmelted chocolate bars on top while the cake is still hot.

Instead of offering watermelon wedges at your next party, create a tasty watermelon salad.

How long has it been since you’ve eaten eggplant? Or have you ever even had eggplant?

We are making Spicy Spaghetti with Grilled Chicken on this week's Dinner Tonight!

What do you think could make sugar cookies even better? How about chocolate?!?!

These black bean bowls came together one night as I stood in front of my pantry trying to pull together a quick meal.

This recipe is made to save time and get a very tasty dinner on the table!

This entire menu comes in at around $9.38 for a family of four…that includes the scampi, pasta and broccoli. AND it’s not only delicious, but simple and quick…everything cooks in around 10 minutes (after you get your pasta water boiling).

We are making Hummus and Veggie Wraps on this week's Dinner Tonight!