Survey: More teens involved in digital dating abuse than expected

New research into teen behavior has revealed that digital dating abuse is more common than you'd think.

This online stalking behavior is described as "electronic intrusion" and it is common in high school dating relationships. How common? The University of Michigan surveyed 700 high school students about their behavior in relationships.

The girls surveyed said they considered electronic intrusion using texts and social media a necessary component to maintaining a relationship.

Meanwhile boys admitted to using electronic intrusion to keep control in relationships.

Thirty-three percent of those surveyed admitted to monitoring their partner's whereabouts. Thirty-three percent admitted to monitoring who their partner talked to and was friends with. Twenty-eight percent said they have pressured their partners into responding quickly to texts.

The researchers say the more insecure the teen is the more likely they'll use electronic intrusion to calm anxiety. They say it is important to recognize the behavior and address it to prevent it from escalating.

About the Author...
Rebecca Regnier
Rebecca Regnier is an award winning journalist. She hosts a television show called Rebecca Regnier’s Full Plate and writes a weekly newspaper humor column.

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