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About Us

Community Blood Bank is a nonprofit cooperative of Avera McKennan Hospital and Sanford Medical Center operating as the sole blood provider to Sioux Falls since 1976.  Community Blood Bank provides blood and blood products to 32 local hospitals within a 150 mile radius of Sioux Falls, SD.  When donors wish to impact lives at home through the gift of donating blood, they just need to stop into one of our donor rooms at either Sanford Medical Center or Avera McKennan Hospital or they may choose to donate blood on one of the bloodmobiles as it visits their community or place of work.  The need for blood continues to grow as the Sioux Falls area grows.  We currently require 550 units of blood per week to meet the needs of our local patients.  Donating blood is a very simple way to reach out to our community and provide a life saving service.   

Community Blood Bank FAQ

Q: What are the general requirements for donating blood?
A person must be at least 17 years old (16 years old with a signed parent consent form found at, weigh 110 pounds or more and be in good general health. It is recommended that a person have a full meal prior to donating blood and drink plenty of water. Please bring an I.D. with you at the time of the blood donation.

Q: Do you really want my blood type?
We use all blood types at the hospital on a daily basis. Our hope is that you support your blood type by donating blood to the local blood supply. Many people believe since their blood may not be one of the rare types, their blood isn't needed. The fact is 34 % of the population is O pos. and 34 % of the population is A pos. What these statistics mean for blood usage is the majority of the patients that require blood are either O pos. or A pos. Please support your blood type and give blood. If you do not know your blood type, you will be sent a blood donor card in the mail within 7 - 10 days after your first donation.

Q: How long does the donation process take?
The donation process will only take 30 - 35 minutes from interview to refreshments. The longest part of the donation is the interview, which is required to be completed and regulated by the FDA.

Q: Will I really be saving a life when I donate blood?
Yes, you will be saving not only one life but up to three lives with just one donation of whole blood. When you donate the blood is separated into platelets, plasma, and red blood cells. These three components may be transfused to three different patients and save their lives.
A patient involved in a bad car accident will use on average 50 units of blood products. A person having bypass surgery will use an average of 3 - 5 units of blood products. In any situation your blood will be saving lives here in our community.

Q: How many times can I donate blood in a year?
A person may safely donate whole blood every 56 days or 6 times per year. If you think about how one donation will save up to three patients' lives, a person could potentially save up to 18 patients' lives within a year.

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