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My professional title is Owner of, Independent  Business Representative at  Ariix Corporation, 3X Weight Loss Coach, Wife, Mother, and Grandma.

My skills and areas of expertise include Health, Wellness, Nutrition, Customer Service, Business Development, Business Operations, Public Speaking, Mentoring, and Educating. Though I truly enjoy a variety of all that life offers, my favorite and most rewarding experiences involve the positive changes in a life. Watching family learn and grow is very important to me. Witnessing the life improving changes in a person brings me great happiness.

Health involves every aspect of our every breathing moments. Let's face it, every minute of every day we are making decisions based from our health state. Whether the decisions are of a physical nature or spiritual nature, emotional nature or social nature, our health or lack of health determines what we will choose.- Lori Ann



Team Lori Ann Reber believes that success happens because teams of like minded, determined, and dedicated individuals come together for one purpose! We strive to "First Observe, Then Serve" as we are creating our future, step by step!


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