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About Us

We’ve all experienced the unpleasantness of getting a sunburn on a vacation. That’s what happened to me during a family trip to Hawaii. The sunburn left me with a stubborn patch of hyperpigmentation on my face. Initially, I was weary of how damaging the sun could truly be. Three years of experimentation and countless products later, I can see the benefits. Now, I keep multiple stashes of SPF 50 sunscreen and don’t leave the house without wearing a wide brim hat— I even use it while driving! I have never discussed my personal struggle with skin health publicly; but it is worth sharing now. During my quest to find a treatment, I found that I wasn’t alone. I met several men and women battling skin issues related to sun damage and aging including sunspots, wrinkles, facial veins etc. Many people are frustrated and unable to find a solution to their problems— a feeling I know all too well. Most learn to live with these problems, but you don’t have to!

Royal Lux is founded to bring medically proven solutions to getting an ageless skin. Our goal is to fully restore your skin health and promote a naturally youthful appearance so you can put your best face forward! Located in Midtown Crossing, at Royal Lux Medical Aesthetics you can enjoy life-changing treatments including topical skincare, therapeutic facials, and medical anti-aging procedures. We offer an array of innovative services and products, each aimed at enhancing and promoting natural skin beauty. Procedures include advanced laser therapy, Intense Pulse Light therapy (IPL), Botox and fillers, Hydrafacial and much more. Cosmeceutical grade skin care products with medically proven ingredients are available for you that are better value for money.


At Royal Lux we believe skin health starts with prevention. So, even if you don’t choose to pursue our services, I hope to pass along the crucial importance of using sun protection and medical grade skin care products.

In retrospect, perhaps the sunburn was the best thing that happened to me. It allowed me to be extra conscious to the sun’s damaging effects and find medically proven, cutting edge products and procedures that are at the forefront of aesthetic medicine. Now, it is our pleasure to bring these treatments to you at Royal Lux! Let’s work together! Contact us to get started!


Skin Care Products

At Royal Lux we offer a wide range of ZO® products – from a daily skin care regimen to targeted products designed for treatment of acne, aging, hyperpigmentation, sun damage and rosacea. Learn more!

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