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For over 120 years, the Kansas Children's Service League has been giving our best to Kansas kids. Our early work centered on finding homes for abandoned, abused, neglected or orphaned children. It stemmed from a then-radical belief that children grew up best in family homes, not in orphanages or homes for wayward children. Today we continue our efforts in education and prevention while preserving our mission, to protect and promote the well-being of children.

KCSL is a statewide, COA accredited, not-for-profit agency that works to prevent child abuse, strengthen families and empower parents.

What is the Healthy Families program?

Healthy Families America (HFA) is a voluntary home-visiting program for parents who are expecting or have just had a new baby and are facing multiple stressors in their lives. The Kansas Children’s Service League (KCSL) currently sponsors Healthy Families programs in eight Kansas counties including Cherokee, Johnson, Wyandotte, Lyon, Montgomery, Reno, Shawnee and Sedgwick County. KCSL is accredited by HFA and is the Kansas state chapter for Prevent Child Abuse America.
Goals of KCSL Healthy Families

  • To prevent child abuse and neglect
  • Promote healthy childhood growth and development
  • Cultivate and strengthen nurturing parent-child relationships
  • To enhance family functioning by reducing risk and building protective factors

Families participating in the program meet regularly with a specially trained home visitor who teaches them about child health and development, helps them access immunizations and health care services for the child, assists parents with goal setting, links them with community services, and provides support in coping with the stresses and challenges of parenting. Services are initiated prenatally or soon after birth and can last until the child is 3 to 5 years old.

A-OK Charities FAQ

Q: Who does the program serve?
The Healthy Families program serves overburdened families who are at-risk for adverse childhood experiences, including child maltreatment.

Q: Why is this program needed?
When we invest in healthy child development through programs like Healthy Families, we are not only keeping children safe and families strong - but we are also investing in community and economic development, as flourishing children become the foundation of a thriving society.

Programs that begin working with families right after birth are most successful because:
  • New parents are eager and excited to learn about caring for their babies
  • Positive parenting practices are supported before patterns are established
  • Most physical abuse and neglect occurs among children under the age of two
  • 48% of fatalities due to child maltreatment occur before the first birthday
  • The most critical brain development occurs during the first few years of life

Q: Is the program successful?
Yes! Families involved in the Healthy Families program show better outcomes compared to their peers with fewer cases of child maltreatment, improved birth outcomes and access to health care for children, better parent-child interaction and better understanding and responsiveness to children’s developmental milestones.

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No one knows kids better than the Kansas Children’s Service League. For more than 100 years, we’ve provided a continuum of programs and services, advocated for children, and collaborated with public and private agencies to impact the lives of more than 40,000 children and families each year. KCSL is dedicated to providing services and advocacy efforts that focus on keeping children safe, families strong, and communities involved.

Healthy Families

For general information about KCSL's Healthy Families program and outcomes contact Kelly Hayes.

Location: Emporia
Service Area: Lyon County
Contact: Bev Long (620) 340-0408

Location: Hutchinson
Service Area: Reno County
Contact: Michael Woods (620) 664-5000

Location: Independence
Service Area: Montgomery County
Contact: Erin Bunn (620) 232-1031

Location: Kansas City
Service Area: Wyandotte County
Contact: Terri Klaus (913) 371-2220

Location: Lenexa
Service Area: Johnson County
Contact: Jamie VanCompernolle (913) 621-2016

Location: Topeka
Service Area: Shawnee County
Contact: Chasity Foster (785) 274-3100

Location: Wichita
Service Area: Sedgwick County
Contact: Michael Woods (316) 942-4261

For more information about the services that KCSL offers, click here.

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