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About Us

We are a Fitness Revolution.
We believe the heart is more than a muscle,
That a person is more than a body,
That relationships are as important as results,
And that fitness isn’t just for the fit,
It’s for the willing.

The REFIT® Program is a revolutionary cardio dance program that engages the whole person – body, mind and soul – through simple steps, exhilarating rhythms and a community-driven mission. We’re more than just healthy moves. We’re a positive movement inspired by faith and powered by community!

What happens in a REFIT class lasts longer and impacts more than any workout. Recharge your body and mind. Connect with your values. Unleash new possibilities for yourself, your family and the world around you.

What we do in here has a real effect on what we can accomplish out there, and that’s why you’ll find REFIT participants around the world inspiring each other to lead lives of impact and influence each and every day.

So what are you waiting for?

Make a choice. Make a change. Make an impact. #LiveREFIT

  E X P E R I E N C E   T H E   R E V O L U T I O N

So what exactly happens in a REFIT® class? On the physical level – exhilarating energy, body-rockin’ rhythms and heart-pumping cardio. But we’re so much more than movement for the body!
Here’s what you’ll find in a REFIT® class

FITNESS FOR ALL. That’s right – it’s one-size-fits-all because all sizes fit REFIT®! Your shape, fitness level, age and experience don’t matter – everyone is welcome. Because the REFIT® experience has a flexible, user-friendly format, beginners and experts alike can thrive side-by-side in this energy-infused workout.

It’s not about having a rockin’ body. It’s about rockin’ your body! Cardio. Toning. Flexibility. Balance. You’ll find it all in a 1-hour REFIT® workout. With repetitive movements and follow-the-leader teaching, participants can experience a total-body workout that can easily be modified to meet the needs of any fitness level.

So you came to get down? Awesome! REFIT® workouts combine both value-infused and value-neutral music, so we can all rock out and connect in the crossroads of faith and culture. It’s a hard task to keep grandma, mom and teen musically engaged, but the REFIT experience does exactly that. Our fitness-meets-dance party can definitely get “crunk,” but participants will feel good about the choice of music and fitness-focused movements of a REFIT class.

FITNESS COMMUNITY. More than a group fitness class, REFIT® classes create true fitness community. At the heart of the REFIT program are friendship, connection and accountability. The heart is so much more than just a muscle! Exercise yours in every way with the REFIT experience.

The X-Factor of every REFIT® community is the idea that each individual can make a unique impact on society, and that this impact potential can be developed through small choices and positive changes. It’s called the REFIT “action method,” which is CHOICE + CHANGE = IMPACT. Small choices lead to positive changes, and those positive changes lead to greater impact on family, community, workplace and world. Yeah, you got it in you!


Here’s what you WON’T find in a REFIT® class

SCANTILY CLAD BODIES. We love our peeps, and we love seeing their face – just not all their bits and pieces! You’ll find normal people wearing normal clothes. So grab your sneakers and leave the leopard leotard at the door!

We try to keep our music PG, but that doesn’t mean REFIT® parties are lame! We work hard to provide value-infused and value-neutral music in their classes. We want everyone from grandmas to teenyboppers to be engaged with the music, not offended by it. No need to cover your ears – we gotcha covered ;-)

TWERKIN’ – or whatever outrageous dance craze spreads next! REFIT® moves are designed with fitness in mind, and that’s where we’ll keep your mind focused. There’s a healthy level of booty-shakin’ – just enough to engage those abs and flex those hips, but if you’re looking for some twerkin’, you’ll have to check out YouTube in your own time.

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