Can I Get A Spa Day?

Candace Reid

Can I Get A Spa Day?

Because honestly I have never had one. I have never had the pleasure of a mani-pedi and a massage along with healthy skin treatments. You know what I am talking about. I get so jealous when I hear of friends going for a spa weekend, though I shouldn’t be surprised its usually 2 for 1 spa deals, which is cheaper for both. I will admit I don’t know the first thing about vising spas but I think its high time I learn.

I mean I am incredibly busy, which is even more reason to have pampering days just for me. Let me set the scene. I arrive at the spa early in the morning and swim in a pool. I have a fantastic brunch with lots of fresh fruit. Then I get a fancy robe and slippers and get a massage at noon. After a gourmet lunch I am taken where I get a nice skin treatment. And then I am handed glasses of wine as I get a mani-pedi. After this I am taken to a spiritual place where I can meditate and do yoga with some aromatherapy.

And finally to close the day out for the best spa day ever I am taken for a gourmet dinner where I get an extra foot massage to relax the last of the tension out. I want to look and feel ten years younger when I step out of an experience like that. Thanks to the internet and so many ways to find places like that, my task should be easy. And you know what? I DESERVE IT. I work hard at college, I am a mom, and I work hard at my blogging too so I think i deserve just one day full of pampering!

Candace is the mom of three and currently a full time culinary student at Lansing Community College. Her future plans include becoming a certified chef and food photographer.

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