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About Us

Employee-owned and locally operated, Alpine Bank has been a part of Colorado since 1973. With 38 convenient locations, most recently including the bank’s first Front Range branches in Denver’s Union Station and Cherry Creek North neighborhoods, Alpine Bank serves more than 130,000 customers with retail, business, wealth management*, mortgage and electronic banking services. While we are a growing company, we’re also forever committed to remaining the true community bank we’ve always been.

At Alpine Bank, the employees and the culture make the difference. Many of our employees and managers have been with Alpine Bank for 10 years or longer. This dedication allows us to build long-term community and customer relationships – in fact, much of our original Board of Directors still serve, including Alpine Bank Founder and Chairman Bob Young.

Because we are not a national banking chain, we have the ability to be flexible in creating solutions for customers that do not fit the typical corporate banking approach. Our size and streamlined organizational structure enables us to react quickly to the needs of our customers.

We have a strong sense of social and environmental responsibility that affects all areas of our operation at Alpine Bank. Our commitment to the communities we serve is substantial, and our employees give generously of their time and talents.

Why Choose Us?

The benefits are many:

  • You have a full-time, fully-staffed team of professionals trained in estate and trust administration
  • We have systems and facilities to manage assets that individuals lack
  • Your trust funds are doubly protected by internal audits and regulatory oversight by state or federal officials
  • We have an unlimited life, while an individual may die, or become unable to manage your affairs
  • We bring a wealth of experience and group judgment to the job of investment management
  • We treat beneficiaries impartially
  • We can withstand pressure from beneficiaries asking to bend the terms of a trust, taking the responsibility of saying "no" away from a family member or friend

Our Mission: To help our customers, employees, shareholders, and community members achieve their dreams.

Our Core Values: Integrity * Independence * Communities * Compassion * Loyalty

Our Services

Investment Management Strategies

  • We spend as much time as needed to develop an investment strategy to meet your needs
  • We choose the highest quality of stocks, bonds and alternative investments and the allocated amount to each class, based on our discussions with you
  • The asset allocation plan we determine together positions your investment portfolio for all economic/financial environments
  • Your portfolio will be diversified and structured to meet your risk tolerance and investment timeframe
  • Once a plan for your investment portfolio is agreed upon, we make buy and sell decisions and free you from routine portfolio choices
  • We meet with you as frequently as you want, and discuss any changes that may require revamping the investment plan

Retirement Accounts

  • Individual IRAs
  • Employee Benefit Plans
  • Deferred Retirement Annuities

Trust & Estate Services

  • Revocable Living Trust
  • Irrevocable Trust
  • Charitable Trust
  • Trust Under Will or Testamentary Trust
  • Estate Settlement Services

Financial Lifestyle Management

We offer a broad range of investment management services to help at a time when you either have no time to manage finances, or feel the task of managing your money is becoming more than you can handle.  Whatever the cycle of your lifetime demands, we can customize an array of services to make life easier for you.

We are a corporate trustee and no other financial advisor is held to higher investment standards.  Our team of professionals provides safe and confidential financial management under the governance and oversight of the Colorado Division of Banking and the FDIC.

We can provide:

  • Income management
  • Investment selection to meet your needs
  • Bill paying
  • Distributions on request to you or others
  • Collection of all income (Social Security, Pension, mineral rights)
  • Assistance with tax preparation
  • Investment agent, trustee or conservator appointment
  • Team approach to manage complex tax, legal and financial matters

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