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About Us

Hunter provides fast, guaranteed, and professional air conditioning and heating service in Ardmore, Edmond OK and surrounding areas. Let's face it, no one wants to call an HVAC company. When things break it's very stressful and it never happens at a good time.

At Hunter Heat & Air, we take the stress out of it. We have technicians who train over 90 hours a year on how to save you money. We NEVER charge overtime, have a technician on call at all times, accept all forms of payment & have financing available. So when you want fast, guaranteed, professional service & want to save some money, call Hunter Heat & Air!


Hunter Heat & Air FAQ

Should I shut off registers in rooms not used?
In short, NO! Most systems are designed to work with all vents open. Closing them off puts a pressure imbalance within the system that can reduce the effectiveness of your cooling system. If you have to shut some off, we recommend no more than one.

Should I set my thermostat up when I am not home?
The ultimate way to save money is when that system is not running. So turning the thermostat up is a good way to save energy, but you may have to sacrifice comfort because it will take the house longer to cool down once the thermostat is lowered.

Is there a way to fix rooms that are too hot or cold?
YES! We are NCI certified to do test and balance of your duct system. We determine the load of each room and the required airflow. We then measure and adjust the system with dampers or duct modifications until every room is perfect!

Do I need to have routine maintenance on my unit?
Yes! Just like you change the oil in your car, your heating and cooling system is the most important appliance in your home and needs maintenance. Not only will it save you money, but nearly 80% of repairs could have been avoided with proper maintenance!

How often should I change my filter?
We recommend that you at least check it each month. Every house is different, so you may be able to go a couple of months between changes. A dirty filter is one of the most common causes of mechanical failures.