Saving Space: DVD Storage

Saving Space: DVD Storage

Spring cleaning is in full swing, and for me that usually means trying desperately to organize and de-clutter our home. With three children, two adults and a dog, the stuff just seems to pile up despite of our efforts to keep it curb it.

3 Kids + Birthdays + Holidays + Anniversaries + Random Occasions = STUFF

I don’t know about your kids, but ours are fascinated, absolutely fascinated by DVDs. They spend far more time climbing to play with them than actually watching them. Thank God our Plan Toys doll house is WELL built – our girls seem to think that they are meant for climbing up to where we thought we were hiding the DVDs. To remedy this problem, and save space I picked up a large CD case and got to sorting!

In about 30 minutes I had this:

Now all of our DVDs are easily tucked away in our coat closet, out of the reach of little hands, but easy for me to get to and see what we have. I put all of the cases in a box which is now happily in our storage room. I haven’t decided yet if I’ll need the covers in the future, so for now they remain, but at least in a place that is out of our way!

I hope to start doing more things like this around the house. It feels so good to reduce the amount of ‘stuff’ in our living space.

Do you have any tips I should try? Have you tried something like this? How has it worked for you?

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