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About Us

For over 35 years the bag has been serving the Ardmore and Texoma area with great personal service and unique gifts for every occasion or a fun find to keep for yourself! From wedding gifts to a cute new outfit we have it all at the bag. We know your time is precious so why not skip the endless to do list and have fun with us. Here you can find the perfect outfit for a night out with your hubby, buy a gift for your best friend's birthday, pick up one of your favorite tyler candle scents and some jelly bellies for the kids. all in a fun, lighthearted atmosphere with sales staff that treat you like long lost friends.

Brown Paper Bag FAQ

Q: I just got engaged, when do I need to register for wedding gifts? Does it cost anything to register at the bag and do I need to make an appointment
First of all congratulations on your engagement, what a fun time this is! Our suggestion is to register 6-8 weeks before your first bridal shower date in order to give us time to order dinner or flatware, set up your table and upload photos of your table for our website. As always our full bridal registry is completely free and we keep accurate records of what has been purchased to avoid duplications. There is no need to make an appointment to register, but we do recommend you give yourself an hour so you can make plans accordingly.

Q: I received an invitation to a bridal shower and also to the wedding; do I need to buy gifts for both?
This is not great for my business, but i'm going to be honest. One nice shower gift is really enough. If you are invited to more than one shower you can choose to buy smaller gifts for each one, or just purchase one large gift for the main shower and bring a nice card to the others.

Q: Do I need to write thank you cards for wedding gifts or will a phone call or email be okay? When should I send out Thank yous?
Yes, you always need to write a handwritten note (it will make your grandmother so proud!). In the note you should include what the gift was and how you plan to use it in your new home. Technically you have a year to write them all, but if you set a goal to write a few a day, you tend to be more creative and thoughful in the card, and you aren't overwhelmed.

Q: What are some ideas for gifts for my hostesses of bridal showers or parties?
Seasonal cabdles, monogrammed note cards, frames, chocolates or coffee, or a nice devotional gift are all great choices.

Q: Ho do I know who I should include on my wedding invitation list?
The most important people, the friends and family of the bride and groom, of course! Another good idea is to keep a list of the people who sent you graduation gifts from high school and college. If they sent you a gift then, they are people who care about you and your family, so include them too.