The Cost of Family Entertainment, April 4

I don't THINK I'm cheap.
Okay, maybe I am.
Or perhaps it's motherhood that's making me a bit more frugal these days...

Despite that - I do like to expose my children to the events that come to our city and state.

So when I heard the Harlem Globetrotters where coming to town - I couldn't wait to tell my husband. Our boys love basketball - and while they're only almost three and four - I thought they would really appreciate the smooth moves, along with the humor, the basketball team is so amazing at displaying - especially my oldest.

My husband Todd was on board, too - UNTIL he found out how much the tickets cos! I thought he may have been overreacting, but when he told me the price - even I was a little shocked - mainly because this is considered a family event.

For our family of four - it would cost 200 dollars - just to attend. That doesn't even include snacks, event parking or the gas - because the the show is one hour away.

The sad thing is...I still want to consider it.

But after we discussed it -and talked about how the boys are so young - they may not like it...or be into it - we decided against least for now.

But here's the thing...I remember my mother taking us to a number of shows as kids: The Ice Capades (do they even have that any more?), The Harlem Globetrotters, concerts, musicals and much more. And I think it was good and fun for me. So I have been following in her footsteps and Todd has (reluctantly) gone with me to all the kids events: Sesame Street Live, Barnum and Bailey Circus - etc....but I guess you have to draw the line somewhere.


Would you pay $50 (each) for a two and four- year-old to attend an event? I'm pretty sure my boys would choose being outside shooting hoops on their Little Tike's basketball goal over sitting down inside - watching someone play. But it doesn't look like we'll find out anytime soon.

Is family entertainment too costly?
Or are we just cheap parents?
What do you think?

Maybe we'll just turn the sprinklers on and let them run wild in the yard.

Sounds good to me! (and it's free!)

Until Next Time,


About the Author...
Serese Cole
Serese is no stranger to the Midwest. She was born and raised in Kansas City and after years of moving from state to state - has called Nebraska home the last decade.

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