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About Us

As a locally owned and operated dealership it has been Carter County Dodge's commitment to give back to the community that has been so kind to them.  Whether it is coaching wrestling or football teams, sponsoring golf, poker tournaments or charity galas you are sure to find a member of the Carter County Dodge team participating in the event.  The dealership strives to bring the best experience in both sales and service.  They work to achieve this by treating each customer like family before and after the sale.

Carter County Dodge has chosen to reinvest millions of dollars in the local economy over the last several years through numerous renovations and expansions to the dealership to better serve the Texoma community. These include facility expansion and service equipment upgrades insuring the very best state of the art service for all of Texoma.

The achievements of the dealership have not gone unnoticed.  Carter County Dodge has been named an Elite Certified Dealer including being SRT and Viper Certified.  Additionally, the dealership has earned Customer Satisfaction recognition both in sales and service.
These are just a few of the little things that you do not see - but through it all the organization has committed to the very best in selection and pricing. Whether you buy online or on the lot, Carter County Dodge promises you the best in both.





Carter County Dodge FAQ

Q: What is the difference in a loan and a lease?
When you take out a loan, all of the money used to pay it off applies to your eventual ownership of the vehicle. The initial down payment and principal on the loan cover the total cost of the purchase. Lease payments, however, apply only to the use of the vehicle. The total sum of payments covers the vehicle's depreciation over the time you drive it and is usually less than the outright price of the vehicle. When paid in full, a loan terminates and you assume ownership. The bank sends you the title that had been held while the loan maintained an outstanding balance. When a lease period ends you forfeit the vehicle to the lessor, unless the lessor offers to sell the vehicle afterwards. During the entire lease period the lessor maintains ownership and simply allows you to use the car. Ownership is only transferred if you chose to buy the vehicle after the lease terminates.

Q: I have a trade-in. How can I find out how much to expect for it?
The Carter County Dodge website offers a tool to value your trade. You can navigate through the step-by-step process by clicking on the "Financing" tab, then clicking on "Value your Trade".

Q: What are the benefits of trading in a vehicle towards the purchase of a new one?
Trading in your current vehicle towards another can partially offset the cost of the new vehicle. The trade-in's net value goes towards the purchase or lease of a new car. Conditions of a trade-in vary depending on who owns the vehicle. If you own the vehicle, trading-in means that you're selling the car to the dealer for some determined price. As a result, the price of the new car goes down.

Q: How are loan rates determined?
The size of monthly loan payments depends on the amount borrowed, the length of the loan, the interest rate and other factors such as your credit history. Paying more money initially lowers the principal of the loan, thus reducing individual payments. At any period during the loan you may opt to pay off the principal in its entirety, at which point the title of the vehicle is transferred to you.

Q: Do you have programs for first-time buyers or customers with challenged credit?
Yes. Due to our direct affiliation with multiple financing sources, we look at credit subjectively and we work with customers of all credit types.