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About Us

Missouri Safe and Sober is a nonprofit organization that is dedicated to educating middle school students, high school students and their parents about the dangers of underage drinking and driving.

Research shows that teens whose parents have talked to them about the dangers of alcohol are more likely to not drink. Your teens have heard about alcohol from movies, music and their friends, but have you taken the time to talk to them about it?

Safe and Sober parents
, a program of Missouri Safe and Sober, provides free information to Missouri parents to change the culture of underage drinking in our state. We hope that these statistics, discussion guides, videos and testimonials information provided will help you begin an ongoing conversation about alcohol with your teen.

Underage drinking is a major problem that goes unnoticed or untreated far too often. To parents, alcohol can seem so common and familiar; it is easy to forget how dangerous it is to teenagers. This is why we need your help to prevent underage drinking.

Your teens are listening. One of the best things you can do to prevent underage drinking is simply start a conversation with your teen. This conversation may be tough at first, but it will be worth it in the long run to protect your child.

Life can change in an instant. Underage drinking and drunk driving has effected far too many families and teens across the state of Missouri. Watch one of our videos featuring stories from real Missouri families. Life is all about choices. Sometimes choices are made for us, but the choice to take responsibility and set limits for your teen concerning alcohol is up to you.

You are not alone in this journey! Find support and additional resources on our parent connection page. Have you already talked to your teen about alcohol? How did it go? Take a minute to tell us your story.


Research shows that parents are the #1 influence on whether or not their teens will choose to drink alcohol. Your teen needs a parent, not another friend. Use these tips to begin an ongoing conversation with your son or daughter today.

  • Find a good time to talk, and don’t try to cover everything at once.
  • Ask your teen if they have any friends that drink alcohol and what their thoughts are on it.
  • Use “what-if” situations throughout the conversation.
  • Recognize it is your responsibility to set clear boundaries and expectations for your teen.
  • Make this the first of many conversations about alcohol.

Watch the videos of each tip to learn common mistakes parents make when talking to their teen, and how you can avoid those mistakes.