Shut-Eye Surprise

Kids aren’t getting enough sleep these days, but maybe they never have. This may surprise you, but dating back to the 1800s, experts have been making statements such as “Pupils do not get enough sleep” and “This is a sleepless age, and more and more we are turning night into day.”

In a new study, researchers combed through medical literature to look at expert recommendations on how much sleep children need. They rounded up 32 sets of recommendations from as far back as the late 19th century.

Throughout history, experts have consistently pointed out that kids needed more sleep, no matter how much they were getting. On average, they thought kids needed about 37 minutes more each night.

Over the decades, popular wisdom has singled out school books, radio, television and the internet as distractions that were keeping kids from sleeping.

Proper sleep is important, however the researchers say we don’t know many details about how poor sleep affects the body and brain compared to what we know about diet and exercise. As a result, they say we need more scientific evidence to support accurate recommendations.

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