Halloween Beauty Tips

Melissa Foss, beauty and style contributor, shares some easy, inexpensive Halloween beauty tips.

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5 Ways To Slash Household Expenses

In a time when the cost of just about everything is going up and our budgets are being strained, save money where you can. Take a look at your home, your spending and where your money is going. Here are five ways to get your started.

What Do I Feed My Baby?

All new parents know that babies would be a lot easier if they came with instruction manuals.

Dr. Lisa Thornton

Cuban Pork

October is National Pork Month. It's a good time to celebrate the pork industry and the great recipes you can make with pork. In this House Works, Chef Judy Gilliard shows us a recipe with a Cuban flair.

Halloween Dirt Cake

I have seen many, many recipes for this type of cake on the Internet, but about 90% of them used chocolate pudding and whipped topping. I decided to go in a different direction and make a devil's food cake in keeping with the Halloween theme.

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