Five Ways To Save On Meat Without Coupons

Meat is a staple in most families' diets. We have seen the cost of some meat, especially beef, in recent months.

There are ways your family can save money on meat without ever clipping a single coupon.

Keeping various kinds of meat in your freezer can allow for variety in planning meals and make it easier to provide a base to a nutritious dinner.

Here are five ways to save money in the meat department!

1. Buy in bulk. Think about purchasing packages of 10 pounds or more. Waiting to buy beef, chicken or pork in small increments, rather than buying a large portion and wrapping and dividing it yourself at home.

2. Cut it yourself. This can go closely with buying in bulk. If you buy a whole chicken, a large portion of pork that can be divided into several cuts, or anything else that you have to ability to cut yourself, you will save a lot of money. A portion of the cost you pay at the meat counter is for labor. You are paying for their butchers to do their job. Do the work yourself and you save money!

3. Get ground turkey. Given the fact that the cost of beef has gone up in recent months, by about a dollar per pound, avoid eating it as often. Choose ground turkey instead. Poultry is not only cheaper, it is a leaner meat. If you are adding it to a recipe, you sometimes can't even tell the difference. It can be a drier meat, so look at options to make it juicier. If you're making burgers with it, consider adding worchestshire to add flavor and moisture.

4. Manager's Specials. Watch for stickers marked on packages of meat in the grocery store. These items can sometimes be marked down by as much as 50%. These are often items that need to be moved out of the store for various reasons. Sometimes employees need to make more room for other products that are on special, want to sell more of a particular item, or the product is nearing its "sell by date."

5. Designate a meat-free night. Consider not eating meat once a week. Replace a meat-based meal with beans, vegetables or other items. A meatless meal can provide health benefits for your family by providing low-fat, nutritious alternatives. There are a lot of recipes available online that are meatless and delicious!

Want to save money on the rest of dinner? Find coupons on 100's of food items here.

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In her spare time, you can find Melanie spending time with her husband and their two children, Bryce and Gillian.

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