Celebrate Mom!

Pat Persaud

Forgot the homework? "Mom, you didn't remind me!" My shirt/pants don't fit anymore. "Mom, you shrunk my clothes!" I don't know how to make my own sandwich. "Mom, you didn't teach me!" I'm late for school again. "Mom, you didn't wake me up in time!" I told you weeks ago I have tennis/music/trap shooting/friends over, etc. "Mom, you're getting alzheimers!" I (mumble, mumble, mumble) "Mom, I think you need a hearing aid!"

Yes, I've heard all of this and more! Even my husband throws the blame on me. Especially when the kids mess up. "Your son/daughter..." Always my son or daughter when things go wrong!

Thank goodness there's a day set a side to show moms that they really are appreciated! They deserve it for being dumped on for everything under the sun!

Mother's Day: the 11th of May this year. Yes, it may very well be a Hallmark holiday but take the time to remember!

Flowers are always nice but here are a couple of my favorite websites that offer some unique gifts for mom. If the mom in your life loves purses, check out snaptotes.com. One of my favorite gifts a few years ago: a handbag/tote with a picture of my two kids on it! I loved it then - still love it now. It's become a treasured memory!

Another great gift site: goodygoodyshoes.com. If your mom loves funky stuff she will love these slippers. I do!

Another favorite of mine: french macaroons! They're to die for!!! Amazon.com offers a classic collection with several flavors your favorite mom will enjoy.

I'm also at the age when reading glasses are not only necessary but chic! A great pair: Kate Spade's Charity glasses. Check them out at Nordstroms.com.

Another site that offers really fun and customized gifts: redenvelope.com. It offers a variety of really unusual gifts just for moms!

I would be remiss if I didn't share my favorite mommy juice: champagne! I especially enjoy Duval -Leroi Brut and,of course, Louis Roederer Cristal!

Gifts are great - no doubt! But don't undervalue just saying I love you and throwing in a thank you mom! Any day, those few words will make just about any mom's heart leap!

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