Youth is Spelled With a Capital Why

No wonder we are so exhausted. My boys are constantly asking questions, but I just didn't know how many.

It turns out they ask almost 300 questions a day according to a survey.

Four-year-old girls are the most curious, asking about 390 questions per day and meal-times are the most popular time for all children to ask questions, with young kids asking an average of 11 questions per meal.

Nine out of 10 moms admitted to secretly Googling the answers to certain questions. I admit, I've done that many times.

The five toughest questions moms said they get asked are:


  • Why is water wet?
  • Where does the sky end?
  • What are shawdows made of?
  • Why is the sky blue?
  • How do fish breathe under water?

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Gina Melton
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