Spring pudding cups

This article, entitled "Spring Pudding Cups," comes from MomsEveryday blogger Chrissy Ensign.

Ever see something on Pinterest and get all excited to make it? Then you click on the image and it just leads you to…well…the image. No directions, no recipe, nothing. Well I saw these really cute pudding cups that I wanted to make, but had no directions on how to make them. After some searching I found a recipe for a delicious chocolate pudding and got to work!

It was actually quite simple: layer of pudding, layer of crushed Newman-O’s (a healthier version of Oreos), and a “carrot” on the top. The original image I saw on Pinterest looked like the carrot was made out of orange frosting. I found these giant orange gumdrops at Whole Foods to use, and then made the green part of the carrot out of whatever gummy candy I could find!

The pudding cups were at hit! The kids loved pretending they were actually eating dirt! And even though I had to do a little bit more searching to create this dessert, it was pretty fun flexing my creative muscle! Enjoy!

Spring Pudding Cups:
Makes 6 pudding cups

Layer 1: Chocolate Pudding

1 ripe avocado
1 ripe banana
3 tablespoon cacao powder
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
¼ teaspoon cinnamon
½ cup water

1. Put all the ingredients into your blender and blend until smooth. You may add more water until you have achieved a consistency you like (I didn’t need to add any.)

2. Place pudding in a piping bag with a large open tip and pipe into the cups. Fill each cup about a third of the way.

3. Cover and place cups in the refrigerator to chill.

Layer 2: Crushed Cookies

½ package of Newman-O’s (or similar cookie)

1. Place cookies into your blender or food processor and blend until they are in a fine crumb. I find my food processor to work the best for this task.

2. Spoon the crushed cookie on top of the chilled pudding, filling another third of the cup.

Layer 3: Candy Carrot

Large orange gumdrops
Green gummy candies

1. Roll out the green gummies into small rectangles.

2. Using kitchen sheers, cut “fringe” into the rectangles. This will be the green leaves at the top of the carrot.

3. Roll the rectangle into a circle and pinch the end so that it stays together.

4. Attach the “leaves” onto the orange gumdrops. The candy I used was sticky enough for me to just press the two together. If your candy is not, just make a hole in the top of the orange gumdrop to assembly.

5. Place the carrot on top of the crushed cookie and enjoy!

Making it ahead of time? I would suggest keeping all three parts separate until you are ready to serve. I made all of my layers the night before and then assembled the next morning. This way the cookies don’t get mushy and the candy won’t get stale!

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Chrissy Ensign
Chrissy was born, raised, and currently resides in the Western suburbs of Chicago.

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