Upcycled Mop Washing Hack

This article, entitled Upcycled Mop Washing Hack comes from Amanda Hearn at The Eco-Friendly Family.

This isn’t fancy or crazy, but it is useful!

If you’re like me, you have a collection of thick rubber bands building in a junk drawer. They come on everything from asparagus to broccoli, and they’re heavy duty so you hate to throw them away.

Tossing your mop head into the washing machine may get it clean, but it may also result in an unruly, tangled mess. To prevent this, grab a your saved rubber bands to tame the ends. Wrap them, or double wrap if needed, around the ends of your mop strands (or strips) to keep them from knotting. Toss your mop head into the washer for a good scrub and then lay flat, or hang, to dry.

Voila! Clean mop head, no stress.

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Amanda Hearn
I am a stay-at-home mother of three fantastic children and wife to an awesome husband. They are my biggest inspiration to keep learning and exploring all that natural and healthy living has to offer.

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