Squeeze bottles…not just for ketchup & mustard

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Plastic squeeze bottles are sold as containers for ketchup and mustard - perfect for an outdoor barbecue. But they’re perfect for other jobs too…you can pick them up in yellow, red or my preference, clear, at the Dollar Tree or any discount store.


Pour your liquid laundry detergent (or bulk size stain remover that pours instead of sprays) into a plastic squeeze bottle. It will make pretreating spots easier-you’ll control the amount of detergent you use, plus you’ll be able to hit the stain on the spot.


As silly as this might sound, I love this! I don’t iron that much but when I do, I always make a mess of pouring water in the iron. Make your life easier by loading up a clean squeeze bottle with water and using it to fill your steam iron.


You can save tons of money by doing this instead of buying the icing in the cans with the decorative tips…those are so expensive. I have tried using plastic bags and cutting a corner off to make a “tip” but usually make more of a mess than anything. LOVE this idea. Fill a clean squeeze bottle with icing (make it yourself and save even more money), and use it to decorate your cake. You’ll find that creating flowers, flags, balloons, and piping is much easier, and your words made of icing will be much clearer.


Use a squeeze bottle the next time you cook to make your dishes extra fancy. Fill one with pesto or sour cream, and create squiggles on top of soups. Fill another with chocolate, and decorate the dessert you’ve just made or the plate you plan to present it on for a special effect. I’ve been using this idea for any cold sauces I’m serving with my meal. Just make dots or lines around your plate and it instantly looks “fancy”!


LOVE this idea and as soon as we get in the snow season, I’m going to let our grandson do this. Fill a squeeze bottle with water and a few drops of food coloring and then let the kids have fun squirting colorful designs in the snow.


Yes, they can be used for ketchup and mustard but you can also fill them with honey, mayo and salad dressings. You’ll save space and sticky messes in your refrigerator. You can also use them for the expensive real maple syrup you might keep on hand. Transferring free-running syrup to a squeeze bottle makes it easier to control how much you use…and is less messy.


I know a lot of people who use apple cider vinegar instead of soap and shampoo for washing sensitive skin and rinsing chemical buildup from their hair. Put a bottle of undiluted apple cider vinegar in the shower and see if it works for you. I also put my white distilled vinegar in these for when I want to clean smaller spaces than with it in a spray bottle…


Yes, you can outfit the kids with water guns for outdoor fun but you can also fill up a squeeze bottle with water and just hand them to the kids and send them outdoors for some fun, squirting each other…


Love, love, love this idea! A squeeze bottle filled with pancake batter is the perfect tool for squeezing out silver dollar-size pancakes onto a griddle or skillet. If the nozzle is too small to let the batter flow, use scissors to snip off a bit. For camping, add a bottle half filled with dry pancake mix to the food pack. At breakfast time, add water, shake, and squeeze into the pan!

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