What to Expect When Headed Off To College!

Pat Persaud

Tomorrow, we drop our son off to begin another phase of life: college.

I'm sure it will be emotional - always is for me especially when it comes to realizing how quickly this child has grown up! His high school years just flew by!

But before we send him on his way to begin another journey, we sat him down to have a talk - what's expected of him and of us.

We talked first about what my husband calls the most important conversation - the financial one. What we expect of each other, who is paying for what and much college costs can get out of hand if we're not careful and have a plan.

I mostly listened to this. This was truly Dad's conversation to have. Yes, a conventional role for Dad but that's how we roll in our family. Grades and focus on schoolwork are also part of this talk.

We informed him we will have access to grades and health information. We've signed the necessary papers for that since most colleges will only send that information to the student.

Next, my turn. I tell our son enjoy but realize what you're there for! Remember the values you were taught. College is chock full of life experiences. You now will make some big decisions and with those decisions come all sorts of consequences.

I even talk about sex though my son just rolls his eyes at me. I tell him your private life is yours. If you make the adult decision to have sex, use protection! But remember, condoms and birth control aren't 100 percent effective!

It's a bit of an awkward conversation but I see a smirk on his face and I think he's OK with all of this. I also again make my feelings known about alcohol and drugs. Again, make wise choices.

Most importantly, our son shared with us his excitement, his concerns about living up to expectations and his concerns about how we will react to decisions he will make on his own.

Ultimately though, our son will be defining his own success.

We wrapped up our what to expect when you're headed to college talk telling our son how proud we are of him and the young man he's becoming and that we will always love him - unconditionally!

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