Fabulous Mother's Day gift baskets

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Make your mom feel special this year by getting or doing something she REALLY wants or needs. I think the best way to decide what you’re going to do this year for your mother (remember…a card is ALWAYS appreciated) is to think about your mom’s likes and dislikes. If she doesn’t wear jewelry or perfume, don’t buy her jewelry or perfume, regardless of the ads or sale prices. You want to get her something that’s uniquely her and that she’ll actually use.

In this article I’m going to focus on one of my favorite ways to make gifts that are unique, personal and shows thought but doesn’t take countless hours to find of make, can fit any budget and that will be appreciated AND again, used…..personalized gift baskets.

First of all, decide what you want to fill your basket up with…that will help determine the size of basket you’ll need. Think about what your mom’s hobbies are, what she likes to do in her spare time, what she spends money on or what her favorite indulgent foods are…

Next, decide what your budget is….even though we’d all love to spend a fortune on our mom (because she’s worth it), our pocketbook doesn’t always match our wants. The following basket ideas can be filled with a mix of inexpensive items, inexpensive items with a something special added or if money’s no object, fill it with pricier items.

Manicure/Pedicure Basket

You can pick up great bargains at the dollar stores that would fit any mother’s needs who likes to take care of her nails and does them herself. (If your mom is strictly a salon person for nail upkeep, a gift certificate to her favorite nail salon might be a better choice.) You can also pick up anything and everything for a basket like this at department stores, beauty supply stores, drugstores, etc. The Dollar Tree has nail polish removers, polishes, cotton balls, emery boards, pedicure files and cuticle lotions all for $1.00 each. You can also add a gift certificate for a professional manicure or pedicure to the basket.

Bath/Spa Basket

For any mom who likes to soak the day’s stress away in a bubble bath. The possibilities and price ranges for a basket like this are endless. You can pick up bubble bath, lotion, bath salts, exfoliating gloves, specialty soaps, scented bath petals, bath sponges and scrubs all at a dollar store. You can also add a candle or two or even the latest book by her favorite author (if she likes to read in the tub.) Add a few travel-size lotions she can carry in her purse too.

Tea or Coffee Basket

If your mom loves drinking tea (or coffee) why not make her a basket filled with her favorite blends. You can find different teas, from flavored to organic at any local supermarket these days. Stores like Ross and Gordmans also have lots of varieties or you could of course, go to a tea shop. You can add a beautiful cup and saucer, line the basket with a pretty napkin, throw in a strainer or unique spoon that could become “her” tea-spoon and she’d love it. You can do the same with coffees.

Spice Basket

Does your mom enjoy cooking and experimenting with spices? This is so simple to put together and yet another idea you can put together inexpensively, moderately or expensively. If mom has a special brand of spice you can use those in your basket or mix and match or try a completely new line. I added a new kitchen towel to the bottom of the basket, along with a spice grinder (you can even find these at the dollar stores), a set of measuring spoons, a mini salt and pepper shaker and a couple of whole nutmegs.

Movie Time Basket

If your mom loves watching movies, why not make her a basket filled with movies she’d enjoy watching. You could add a boxed set of any TV series she’s a fan of or a collection of romance, mystery, suspense or comedy flicks. Add some popcorn and she’s set. Other things you could add to the basket are popcorn bowls, spices to sprinkle the popcorn with or movie passes. If your mom’s a “crier” and you’re giving her sad movies, add a small box of tissues.

Wine Basket

For moms who like a good glass of wine. I found this great wine holder at a garage sale. You could also use a picnic basket or any basket large enough to hold a bottle (or two) of wine. Personalize it with wine charms, pretty or funny cocktail napkins and a wine stopper that suits her personality. If the basket’s big enough you could also add some wine glasses and perhaps a wine opener.

Just a few ideas to get your brain working on coming up with some gift ideas you can personalize, spend a little or a lot on, find at most stores and dollar stores and are easy to put together.

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