Couple struggling with infertility welcomes quadruplets

For many parents taking care of one baby is enough to be exhausted and overwhelmed. But the Gardner family has 4 babies, and they had their own reality TV show on TLC!

Tyson and Ashley Gardner’s journey to parenthood with quadruplets started ten years ago when they were married. When they decided to start their family they had no idea it would be eight years battling infertility before they would be successful. Among their challenges was Ashley's endometriosis and doctors gave her only a 40% chance of conceiving.

“By the time they harvested her eggs, she had only two left,” Tyson recalls. “All the rest had been compromised.”

“We were hoping and praying for one child and then on the ultrasound a few weeks later the tech said. ‘hey I see four in here!’ Tyson said.

“We were just hoping for one,” said Ashley. “That's the viral picture you see everywhere is us we’re both trying to figure out that day.”

“That’s the beginning of our journey,” said Tyson.

“You’ve got the fear of infertility, that you won’t be able to have a baby, and then all of a sudden it completely shifts to fear of am I going to be able to carry these baby long enough to keep them,” Ashley explains.

“It was hard on your body to carry 4 babies,” Ashley said.

“Then the scariest part was at 20 weeks one set of our two identical twins got twin to twin transfusion syndrome, TTTS, which could have been fatal to all four of them. No doctor in Utah does this surgery so we went to California to have surgery to save our babies lives. When we got there the doctor said, 'If we had gotten there any later I would have gone into labor and we would have lost all 4.' He performed this incredible surgery, and we waited 24 hours to make sure the babies survived the surgery.

They’ve survived incredible odds.

“We have a daily blog that we put up of the girls it just started these are our first and last children and I don't want to forget any of it,” Ashley said. “I feel like when you have multiples you are in auto pilot where I feel like the first year I don’t remember most of it. I was in survival mode the first months are hard just realize it’s gonna pass and pass a lot quicker than you think just try to enjoy it!”

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