Unsafe Purse Contents

This article, entitled "Unsafe Purse Contents," comes from Annie Payne, MomsEveryday correspondent from Western Colorado.

A purse is ideal for holding all of your essentials while out and about. In today’s MomsEveryday Minute, what you should keep out of your purse to lighten your load and protect yourself from identity theft.

First, your social security card. If this precious code gets in the wrong hands, someone could use it to apply for a loan or open a credit card.

Second, your checkbook. It may seem harmless, but a thief could steal blank checks, notice imprints of your signature and find out your bank account and routing number.

Third, your passport. If you’re not traveling abroad, you shouldn’t be carrying a passport. It holds private information that can give a thief exactly what he needs.

Next, receipts. These can hold credit card information, as well as your signature. Plus, you may need the receipt in the future for returns or warranties.

Identity theft is a massive problem; lower your risk if your purse or wallet is stolen.

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