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As much as we may wish sometimes, parenting does NOT come with a handbook! Going to a parenting education class doesn’t make you a bad parent. It gives you a place to ask questions and seek advice.(Full Story)
How many of you had chores growing up as a kid? Whether it be setting or clearing the dinner table, dusting, taking out the garbage or tidying your bedroom….it’s part of our responsibility as a kid to pitch in and help out the rest of the family and to help make the day-to-day operations of the household run smoothly!(Full Story)
I think many of us parents would agree that we want to raise our children to be responsible…and to grow up to be responsible, independent adults. But how exactly is the best way to do that?!(Full Story)
There are many great and useful parenting education classes offered by different organizations throughout the Chippewa Valley. But sometimes it’s hard for parents to physically attend these classes due to things such as busy work schedules, after-school activities for their kids, and the issue of who will care for their children while they attend the class. But what if I told you can now attend a class without ever leaving the comfort of your own home…and after the kids are snug in their beds?(Full Story)
If you have more than one child, chances are you have some amount of bickering, arguing, and fighting that goes on between them. It’s a normal and typical part of the sibling relationship. But when do you as parents need to step in?(Full Story)