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What the research tells us about successful co-parenting:

•        Stay involved in the children’s lives. Even if you don’t live close by—phone, facebook, write letters, ask lots of questions and know about your child’s live. When you don’t stay involved, kids feel like they are not important to you.
•        Stop fighting and work hard to get along with each other.
            --The kids are first—for the well-being of their children, co-parents need to come together on matters related to kids and their needs. When parents fight about kids, they think they did something wrong and feel guilty.
•        Support each other as a co-parent. Support the time kids spend with the other parent. If you act jealous or upset, or put the kid in the middle, they feel like they need to take sides and they can pit parents against one another to get their way. Communicate to each other, don’t send messages through the kids.
•        Say nice things about the other parent or don’t say anything at all. When one parent says unkind things about the other parent, kids feel like they are also being put down and they feel as if they have to take a side.


Information for Moms

Are you up to speed on what immunizations your kids need and what age they need them? And what about you as a parent? Are you up to date on all of YOUR shots?! (Full Story)
I think many pregnant moms have been told by their doctors that it’s good to breastfeed your baby. But do you really know the reasons why? And, believe it or not, many women have a very difficult time breastfeeding. It doesn’t always come as “naturally” as new moms may expect. (Full Story)
Are you a woman who is in need of some kind of reproductive health assistance---such as a physical exam, pregnancy test, or birth control supplies---but are perhaps afraid to ask the questions or unable to afford the services? No need to worry. There is a Family Planning Clinic available through the Eau Claire City-County Health Department that is here to help you on a strictly confidential, low-cost basis.(Full Story)
Many of you may be unaware of a program in our state that is designed to help promote and maintain the health and well-being of nutritionally at-risk pregnant, breastfeeding and postpartum women, infants and children.(Full Story)
The struggling economy is affecting many families across the nation, and these families are not only trying to figure out how to deal with tighter financial times…but also how (or even if!) they should talk to their kids about it. Kids undoubtedly sense the tension, stress, and anxiety that their parents are feeling. (Full Story)
Do you remember what your child’s first spoken word was? Was it Mommy? Or Daddy? Becca Jarzynski, a Speech Therapist with Eau Claire County’s Birth-to-3 Program, tells us some basic ways that you, as a parent, can help promote speech and language development with your child.(Full Story)
So, what’s a parent to do when kids start getting mouthy? How do you deal with the sass talk? Dr. Julie Keown-Bomar, a Family Living Educator with Eau Claire County, gives us some tips!(Full Story)
As a parent, it’s sometimes hard not to compare your toddler’s growth and development to other toddlers who are the same age. (Full Story)
According to the web site, “Thousands of kids experience the stress of divorce each year. How they'll react depends on their age, personality, and the particular circumstances of the separation and divorce process.” (Full Story)